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Men's Fashion: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Long Hairstyle Inspiration for Men
Men's Hairstyles - Long Hairstyles for Men - Men With Long Hair. Longer hair for men has become a mainstay in men's style. It is old world meets modern man. It is classy and distinguished as seen here.
Short Hairstyles for Men
Picture Gallery of Men's Hairstyles - Short Hairstyles for Men. Short hairstyles never go out of fashion. However, some work better than others depending on the shape of your face and the type of hair you have. Ask yourself if the men's short hairstyles pictured here might suit you. If so print it out to take to your stylist as inspiration.
How to Conquer Curly Hair for Men
Pictures of Men's Curly Hairstyles - Men's Curly Hair - Have curly hair and don't know what to do with it? I receive many emails asking for advice on how to manage men's curly hair or what type of hairstyle might look best. I do highly recommend using products to prevent frizz and keep hair in control. But there are many different curly hairstyles one can wear. This gallery of men's curly hairstyles might just inspire a new do.
Guys: Simplify Your Look with a Buzz Cut
A buzz cut is one of those hairstyles that looks great on guys with a nicely shaped skull. After all, it's almost like being bald. And speaking of bald, buzz cuts are the right way to go if your hair is thinning out. It brings less attention to your hair loss. But not all buzz cuts are the same. As simple as this hairstyle may seem, it has variations. See if one of these buzz cut hairstyles is for you.
15 Cool Spiked Hairstyles for Guys
For decades, a standard hairstyle for men has been short and spiked--the classic way. It serves as a great stand-by and remains stylish.
7 Easy, Classy Hairstyles for Men
Starting with a good haircut is essential. Only then with the right kind of products can you achieve a great hairstyle. I suggest taking a photo of your favorite hairstyle to your stylist so they can help you achieve exactly what you want. Then ask for tips and instructions on how to style your own hair like what is outlined in this hairstyle gallery.
Picture Gallery of Medium Length Men's Hairstyles
Picture Gallery of Men's Hairstyles - Medium Length Hairstyles for Men - Pictures of men's hairstyles. Medium length hair has many definitions for men. It can mean shorter on the sides and longer on top. It may be longer and shaggy all over taking after Brit-rock bands. Perhaps its just long enough to be tucked behind the ear. No matter what its variation, it can be very stylish.
15 Best Long on Top Men's Hairstyles
Men's Hairstyles - Men's Short Hairstyles - Pictures of Men's Hairstytles - I love men's hairstyles that are long on the top and short on the sides. It allows more versatility but also keeps you tidy and neat looking if need be. Some of my favorite men’s short hairstyles are seen in this photo gallery.
10 Famous Men with Curly Hair
I get lots of emails from readers about curly hair. Most of the time guys just want to know how to
15 Shaggy Men's Hairstyles
Shaggy men's hairstyles reminiscent of the '60s and '70s have become popular again. Taking into consideration your face shape and hair type, this is a look that can be really fun and striking. I have compiled a few photos of men's shaggy hairstyles I like. You might be inspired.
10 Young Male Star Hairstyles
Some of the best men's hairstyles are worn by Hollywood's up and coming stars. You really get a sense of what is fashionable and current, and why wouldn't you? These young celebs have access to all kinds of stylists when it comes to fashion and hair. So I did quite a bit of research to find ten of the most popular young male stars amongst the high school and college set. So now you know who to use for men's hairstyle inspiration.
Photo Gallery of Black Men's Hairstyles
Black men's hairstyles - Here we show off 10 photos of African American hairstyles from short to celebrities with afros and dreadlocks.
10 Faux-Hawk Hairstyles to Try
The faux-hawk is a hairstyle that is a much tamer version of a Mohawk. Its distinguishing feature is that the hair on the sides of the head is not completely shaved, which of course is what you do with a real Mohawk. What’s great about the faux-hawk is that it allows you to be a little edgy without going too far. And if you want to be more conservative, you just comb it to the side. Two hairstyles in one! See my photo gallery of different types of men's faux-hawk hairstyles.
The Best Men's Watches in Every Price Point
Everybody has a different concept of what expensive means when it comes to items such as watches. I have a friend who thinks anything over $150 is too expensive. But then there are guys who think anything above $1,000 is too expensive. That's why I have come up with some of my top picks in watches in different price ranges.
4 Tips to Treat and Avoid Ingrown Hairs
Ingrown hairs (also called razor bumps) are unsightly and painful. They result when the shaved hair gets trapped inside the follicle or grows back into the skin. The comprehensive approach outlined here will solve the most stubborn conditions or occasional ingrown hairs.
10 Hot Hair Looks for Asian Men
Asian men's hairstyles - Here we show off 10 photos of Asian men's hairstyles from buzzed to shaggy.
12 Brushed Back Hairstyles for Men
I love men's hairstyles that are long enough to brush (or gel) back. Sometimes this style only requires hair that is long on the top and short on the sides versus being more universally long. Either way, it keeps your hair tidy and neat looking while being fashionable too. Some of my favorite men’s brushed back hairstyles are seen in this photo gallery.
The Most Stylish Men Over 40
Style and sex appeal certainly doesn’t end once you turn 40. There are guys past the age of 40 have who have figured out that being sexy and stylish is more than just about clothes, it’s also an attitude or a way of being—it comes from within. As I get older I have been looking to some of my favorite famous men over the age of 40 who stay stylish and have loads of sex appeal. My list of stylish men over 40 includes some of the usual faces but these men exude confidence and vitality.
5 Things to Consider When Buying Men's Watches
I've said it before, a watch is the single most important accessory a man can own--it is an essential style element.
What Guys Should Wear to a Wedding
Choosing the right outfit for a wedding can be a challenge for guys depending on its style, location and the time of year. I thought it would be helpful to review the rules of dressing for a wedding.
Receding Hairlines - Famous Men with Receding...
Many men begin to panic when their hair begins to recede. Some guys even resort to medications, hair plugs and an assortment of other things to stop this genetic inevitability. Then there are those guys who choose to accept their situation and hopefully make the best of it. There are some celebs who have chosen to do so and they look great. See my list of famous men with receding hairlines, they just might inspire you follow suit.
Smart Skin Care Tips for Black Men
Because of its texture and growth pattern, African American men are likely to battle with small bumps on the face commonly known as ingrown hairs, or razor bumps, often from shaving. African American men are also prone to hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and dry skin. Before targeting problem areas, it is first important to discuss skin care basics to build a proper foundation.
Barack Obama's Trademark Suit Has Everyone...
The signature navy blue suit that Barack Obama wears has everyone talking. His suits are custom tailored by Hartmarx, which is a 121 year old Chicago based company and the largest suit maker in the United States. Since Obama has made this particular suit popular, even the Hartmarx CEO has started to wear them. Although Barack’s suits run about $1,500 due to the added cashmere and custom tailoring, you can pick up a 100% worsted wool version off-the-rack under the Hart Schaffner Marx label.
Dos and Don’ts For Men in Shorts
The do's and dont's of wearing shorts - I recently chatted with a girlfriend about a man she was dating and an unfortunate fashion blunder he was prone to make. She described this man as having unusually nice legs, but the one issue she had with these particular legs and their owner was that they were often seen wearing extra short shorts. All of this talk of men and shorts got me thinking about the do's and don'ts of men and shorts and so I came up with a list of both.
Pictures of Men's Hairstyles - Men's Short...
Picture Gallery of Men's Hairstyles - Short Hairstyles for Men. Short hairstyles never go out of fashion. However, some work better than others depending on the shape of your face and the type of hair you have. Ask yourself if the men's short hairstyles pictured here might suit you. If so print it out to take to your stylist as inspiration.
6 Important Men's Fashion Rules to Live By
Men's Fashion - Important Men's Fashion Rules to Live By. Every man has asked themselves about matching their socks with their trousers and other assorted questions at some point in their lives. Here I have listed six important men's fashion rules to live by which should at least clear up some confusion about a few things.
10 Super Stylish Shorter Hairstyles for Men
I’ve noticed in recent fashion shows some trends in short hairstyles for men. Models will often have shorter hair in the back and on the sides with longer hair on the top. This allows hairstylists to do some creative things but also keeps the guy tidy and neat looking. Some of my favorite men’s short hairstyles are those that keep hair off of the face as seen in this photo gallery of super stylish shorter hairstyles for men.
Picture Gallery of Men's Shaggy Hairstyles
Men's Hairstyles - Medium Length Hairstyles for Men - Pictures of men's hairstyles. Medium length shaggy hairstyles for men.
The Best Men's Watches Under \$100
These days so many companies are producing really cool watches that look much more expensive than they really are. It's amazing really. No longer do you need to buy a fake Rolex (that won't last either) when you have so many other choices out there. Watches have come a long way. So if you are looking for terrific men's watches under $100, take a look at some of my top picks.
15 Great Short Hairstyles for Men
Men's Short Hairstyles - Pictures of Men's Hair - Short hairstyles for men don't have to be dull or unflattering. Some men's short hairstyles work better than others depending on the shape of your face and the type of hair you have. Ultimately a good cut will be easy to style and frame you face well. Ask yourself if the styles pictured here are ones that would suit you.
The 10 Best Fragrances for Men
What are the hottest men's fragrances on the market? Need a little help choosing one for yourself or as a gift? I have compiled a list of the top selling men's fragrances here.
The Many Hairstyles of Colin Farrell
Before Colin Farrell became a big Hollywood star he waited on tables, crashed on people's couches, and spent a lot of time at the beach with dreams of breaking into acting. Now the Irish hottie, who has quite a reputation with the ladies, has a full schedule. And Colin has certainly sported an array of hairstyles over the years, some of which I'm sure were due to acting roles. Regardless, I'm jealous of his amazing head of hair, but some styles have looked better on him than others. Take a look.
Men's Hairstyles - Deliberately Messy and...
Picture Gallery of Men's Hairstyles - Messy Yet Controlled Short Hairstyles for Men - Pictures of Men's Hairstyles - Messy and Tousled Men's Hairstyles
10 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Look Younger
Ways to Stay Looking Young - People are willing to spend small fortunes on products and procedures to look and feel younger. But you dont have to spend a fortune to look and feel your best. Here are ten easy and inexpensive ways to take years off of your appearance and keep it that way.
10 Worst Men's Fashion Trends of the Decade
At the end of a decade, it is always fun to look back and think about the many events and trends that defined it. But it is also fun to look back and think about the things we are glad to see fade into the sunset. This couldn't be more true when it comes to fashion and style trends. Every decade has its hits and misses and here I have compiled ten men's fashion trends that leave me and many others scratching their heads.
Bald Celebs - 10 Uber Cool Bald Celebs
Being bald doesn't rob you of the ability to have style. I know guys WITH hair that choose to shave their heads just because it looks good. And although there are countless famous balding guys that you could name, there are 10 uber cool bald celebs that stick out in my mind. They wear their lack of hair well and with tremendous style.
Messy Yet Stylish Hairstyles for Men
Call it messy, tousled, disheveled, or even bedhead, men's hairstyles that aren't neatly groomed are more commonplace than ever. They can give off a rugged, fashion forward or carefree look. I love the tousled look, especially when it works with a guy's overall vibe. Furthermore, a hairstyle like these paired with a suit is great juxtaposition--it shows you aren't stuffy. No matter what your motivation for sporting a messy hairstyle, it's stylish. See this picture gallery of messy yet stylish hairstyles for men for inspiration.
The Best High End Watches for Men
I have received requests from readers asking about my favorite men's luxe watches. There are many high quality watches in a price range that is relatively reasonable, however, you have to be careful not to go for the fashion watches. You want to choose a brand that is reputable and produces a quality product. All of the watches in the list I have compiled are of good quality and will be long lasting in terms if style.
Men's Hairstyles - Picture Gallery #3 of Men's...
Photo gallery no. 3 of short hairstyles for men. Here are ten photos of men's short hairstyles.
Top 10 Hairstyles for Latino Men
Latino men's hairstyles - Here we show off 10 photos of famous Latino men's hairstyles from short to long.
Men's Shorter Hairstyles - More Super Stylish...
Men's Short Hairstyles - Men's Hair Pictures - I keep stumbling across great photos of men's hairstyles, or at least what I think are photos that might inspire a new do. This photo gallery is of men's short hairstyles, but not real short. Some of my favorite men's short hairstyles are are seen in this photo gallery of stylish shorter hairstyles for men.
The Best Men's Watches Under \$500
Most guys I know have a thing for watches. But some of us just can't afford some of the premier brands that command thousands of dollars. The good news is that there are some great, inexpensive alternatives. In fact, some of these watches look rather expensive and will be sure to impress. Here I have listed my favorite watches for men around $500.
How to Treat Razor Bumps
I think it is safe to say that man's greatest nemesis, when it comes to grooming, is ingrown hair (or razor bumps). They can appear anywhere, however, men are typically plagued by razor bumps on their faces and necks due to shaving, right where everybody can see them. There are a variety of methods and products that can be applied to eliminate an ingrown hair. Here are several methods for treating ingrown hair (or razor bumps).
10 Top Fragrances for Men
What are the hottest men's fragrances on the market? Need a little help choosing one for yourself or as a gift? I have compiled another list of the top selling men's fragrances in addition to my first list of top selling men's fragrances.
How to Care for Men's Curly Hair
If you have curly hair, chances are your hair tends to be dry, coarse and brittle. It also tends to frizz up, doesn't it? Here, we show you how to care for men's curly hair.
8 Men's Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid
Men's fashion - We all make fashion errors now and again, but some mens fashion mistakes are just unforgivable. I have outlined eight men's fashion mistakes to avoid at all costs.
Tips for Using Thinning Shears
I'm here to tell you to beware of thinning shears. Yes, you heard me. This tool is too often being used incorrectly and the damage it can create if in the wrong hands is underestimated. I know many guys out there see their stylist or barber using thinning sheers on their hair, so here are some questions to ask yourself and helpful tips for better hair cut.
The Best Moisturizers for Men
Good skin care doesn't go un-noticed so it's time to step up from the supersaver routine. Clear off the counter and make way for some quality products. Here I have picked out some of my favorite moisturizers for men. All of these products were developed specifically for men so you don't have to feel girly using a moisturizer.
The Best Vitamins for Hair and Skin
Vitamins & Minerals for Your Hair & Skin – Benefits of Vitamins & Minerals - Once men’s hair and skin begin to lose their luster or hair begins to thin out and wrinkles start setting in, options to reverse either are limited to expensive and often intrusive procedures. Taking preventative measures through vitamins and minerals, before the damage begins, is easy to do and can help keep pre-mature aging at bay. Here are vitamins and minerals for hair and skin.
Men's Shorts - Top Picks in Men's Shorts
It wasn't until around World War II, when many soldiers were in tropical locations, did adult men begin to wear shorts. Before then, guys had to endure the summer in long pants. Thankfully those days are over and now shorts are a wardrobe mainstay no matter where you might live. Shorts don't have to be dull either. Aside from plain colors and styles, they come in fun prints such as plaids. See some of my top picks in men's shorts.
Men's Long Hairstyles - Gallery #2 of Long...
Men's Hairstyles - Long Hairstyles for Men - Men With Long Hair - Men's Long Hairstyles. Long hair on men has become a mainstay in men's style and not just reserved for rock 'n roll types. It can be appropriate for an office setting, it can be edgy, it can fashion forward and more. One thing is for sure though, long hair on men is a defining feature.
Celeb Hair - Photo Gallery of My Favorite Male...
Just because the rich and famous are, well, rich and famous, it doesn't mean they automatically have great hair. And these celebs may have access to the best hair stylists, but that doesn't guarantee a great hairstyle. There is some scary hair goin' on in the celebrity world, so see my photo gallery of my favorite male celeb hair.
Men's Underwear - My Favorite Sexy and Fun...
Men's Underwear - My Favorite Sexy and Fun Underwear for Men - Who says guys cant have sexy and fun underwear? What I mean to say is that there is more to choose from than plain briefs or boxers. Wearing something sexy and fun is a great way to express yourself discretely. Or perhaps you like to wear something more interesting when you will be getting intimate with a special someone. So take a look at my favorite sexy and fun underwear for men. You might just find something you like.
Men's Hair - How To Achieve Natural Looking...
There has been much advice about hair color for men but one topic I don’t hear enough about is creating natural looking highlights for men with short hair. If you want natural looking highlights and you see your hair stylist coming at you with a hand full of foils, there is going to be nothing natural about your color. But there is a method that creates a more natural and convincing highlights and it's called Baliage.
The Best Sunglasses for Men
Men's Sunglasses - Top Picks in Men's Sunglasses - There is no accessory quite like sunglasses. You can be wearing sloppy clothes but a great pair of sunglasses can turn your look, or lack of one, around. Check out some of my top picks in men's sunglasses, some of which are expensive and some that are not. Either way, these men's sunglasses are still stylish.
Professional Tips on How to Style Curly Hair...
Some men feel like they're fighting a losing battle when it comes to combating the frizz, high volume and general wildness associated with curly hair, but if cared for properly, it can be their most striking feature! A luscious head of curly locks is definitely a head turner for me. Here are some professional tips on how to style curly hair.
The Top 6 Men's Briefs
Men's Underwear - Men's Briefs - If you like to wear briefs, don't wear the wrong kind. BVDs, Fruit of Loom and the like are fine if you under the age of 16. So make a more informed and tasteful choice. I am a man who is picky about his briefs and these are my favorite.
Spend vs. Save: What Clothing Deserves Your...
Not all clothing needs to be expensive to be good. Know when to spend it, and when to save it.
Body Hair Removal Methods for Men
Hair Removal Methods - Body Hair Removal Methods for Men - For those guys who want to remove or trim body hair, there are a variety of methods available. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since using a couple of seashells or some flint-stone to scrape and pluck hair like cavemen did, nor do we volcanic glass or other rudimentary razors of the past. Modern methods are much easier, but not always painless.
The Best Fossil Watches for Men
When it comes to watches perhaps one that is expensive isn't important to you or perhaps you like to have a variety of watches so you can match them with different outfits. Or perhaps you just want something that looks more fashionable. In any of these cases Fossil will have a watch for you. I have chosen my favorite Fossil watches here and they are all very affordable. They also make great gifts.
Men's Hairstyles - Photo Gallery No. 3 Of...
Medium length hairstyle photo galleries are some of the most popular hairstyle galleries amongst readers. So by popular demand, here is another photo gallery of medium length hairstyles for hairstyle inspiration. Note that sometimes a men's medium length hairstyle might be longer or shaggy on top and shorter on the sides. In other words, the term medium length is used to describe many haircuts that fall between short and long.
Men's Short Hairstyles - Picture Gallery #4 of...
Photo gallery of short hairstyles for men. Here are ten photos of men's short hairstyles. Great men's hairstyles.
Men: What Your Underwear Says About You
Underwear: whether boxers, briefs or anything in between, underwear has come a long way in recent years. Men aren't always quick to pick up on the subtleties of undergarments. Some guys need just a little more guidance. Let’s break down our options.
6 Tips for Men Wearing Black Clothes
If you like to wear black as much as I do, listen up. I have become quite aware of the way different fabrics hold black dye as well as which fabrics and textures look good together. With this in mind, I live by these six rules.
Must Read Fashion Tips for Men Over 40
Fashion Advice for Men Over 40 - According to Kim Johnson Gross, co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd, a man should not give up on style just because he is over the age of 40, but there are some guidelines he should follow. In a conversation I had with Kim she outlined some of those guidelines.
Picture Gallery of Men's Hairstyles - More...
Medium length hairstyles for men can have many definitions. But no matter what its variation it can be very stylish. Use this picture gallery as inspiration for your next hairstyle.
Top 10 Men's Fragrances - The Newest Men's...
Men's Fragrances - Just before the holiday season many new fragrances are released for obvious reasons. Here I have compiled a list of some of the newer men's fragrances and I have to say that one of them is my new favorite for fall/winter. There are fragrances I have excluded from this list simply because the reviews are not so favorable.
Men's Calvin Klein Underwear - Top Picks in...
Men's Calvin Klein Underwear - My Top Picks in Men's Calvin Klein Underwear - Calvin Klein underwear has come a long way since it was made famous in the movie Back to the Future in 1985. Since then there are more cuts and fabrics to choose from than ever before. Who would have thought that buying underwear would have become this confusing? Here I have highlighted my top picks in men's Calvin Klein underwear.
Men's Summer Fragrances - Top Picks in Summer...
Men's Fragrances - When the weather begins warming up, its time to switch your favorite fragrance for a lighter summer version. I even wear summer fragrances in the winter simply because I like wearing lighter scents. Here are some top picks in men's summer fragrances.
Men's Hairstyles - More Men's Long on Top...
Men's Hairstyles - Men's Short Hairstyles - Pictures of Men's Hairstyles - Men's hairstyles that are long on the top and short on the sides are some of the most versatile and fun. They can be serious when gelled down, fun when spiked up, and fashion forward when brushed forward, among other things. Here are pictures of men's hairstyles that are long on the top.
Best Men's Flip Flops (or Thongs)
Flip flops are the ultimate spring/summer item. Here are eight of the top men’s flip flops on the market, from super casual to dressy.
Men's Jeans - My Favorite Premium Denim Jeans...
Denim has become a wardrobe staple more so than ever. We are now seeing sport coats and dressy shoes paired with jeans as well as seeing more jeans in the work place. I realize that with all of the styles and fits out there it can be a little confusing when trying to choose a pair for yourself. Here I have highlighted my eight favorite premium jeans for men. Hopefully this will make it easier.
Top 8 Men's Tank Tops - My Favorite Men's Tank...
Men's Tank Tops - Tank tops have come a long way since the plain, thin white cotton wife beaters we were once used to. Now they come in all kinds of fabrics colors and styles and have become a fashion staple. Here I highlight my favorite mens tank tops and Im sure you would agree.
Men’s Jewelry - Trends in Men’s...
Men’s Jewelry - Traditionally, the average man has not flaunted too much in the way of jewelry, keeping things more conservative with a watch, class ring and/or a wedding band if married. Earrings were once a viewed as sign of rebellion and gold or platinum chains were reserved for the music scene. Those days have come and gone and modern times have brought in an appreciation of jewelry including pendants, rings and bracelets.
Top 6 Men's Polos - My Favorite Men's Polo Shirts
Like jeans, polos have become a wardrobe staple. I even wear them to work with khakis or slacks. There are so many styles and colors to choose from to boot. Here I have highlighted some of my favorites which are also really popular amongst consumers.
Men's Suits - 6 Things to Consider When...
Mens suits - Getting the right fit in a suit and having it tailored is critical if you are concerned about how you might come across in an interview, to a client or to your peers. The first thing to do is get properly measured. Once you know your size keep these six things in mind: choosing a fabric, how your trousers should fit around your waist, the hem on your trouser, the length of your sleeves, the waist of the jacket, and the general fit of your suit.
Men's Updos - Hair With Height
A fashion trend of late is what I like to call men's updos, or as it might be more commonly known, hair that has some height. It's a bit retro, a bit alternative and very current. Fashion models, celebs and hipsters alike are donning this upwardly mobile hairdo. Here is a photo gallery that might just inspire a new hairstyle.
Pictures of Men's Long Hairstyles
Pictures of Men's Long Hairstyles - It's amazing how long hair on men is becoming more commonplace and can even be appropriate for an office setting. Of course it can be edgy or fashion forward too. Ultimately it all depends on the how it is worn and the person who is wearing it. One thing is for sure though, long hair on men is a defining feature and one that can work to your advantage. Here are some pictures of men's long hairstyles.
7 Things Men Need to Know About Wearing Color
Tips Men Need to Know About Wearing Color - A man who knows how to wear color well can really turn some heads. According to Kim Johnson Gross, co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd, men shouldn't be afraid of color but should embrace it. They should experiment even if it’s just with shirt colors. Kim and I discussed this topic and came up with several tips men need to know about wearing color.
Don't Treat Your Sport Shirts Like They Are...
Just because a particular shirt may look like a dress shirt that doesnt mean it is. Sport shirts have become increasing popular with the corporate casual dress code taking over the American work place. As a result there are lots of shirts out there posing as dress shirts when they are really sport shirts. Allow me to clarify the difference between the two.
Top 6 Men's Boxer Underwear Styles
Boxer underwear is without a doubt most men's top choice for the type of underwear they wear. And clearly underwear is a very personal thing and we all have different standards in terms of what we look for in comfort fit and fabric. Here my top six men's boxer underwear styles.
Men's Classic Gelled Hairstyles
In the early 1900's, the fashionable male wore his hair smooth and slicked back. It was either parted in the middle or on the side and was shiny from perfumed oils, Brylcreem, hair tonic or other similar products. Hair had a tendency to be longer on top and on the sides. Modern versions of this now classic men's hairstyle are being seen in many fashion shows and worn by the style conscious. See this gallery of men's classic gelled hairstyles for ideas.
Unwelcome Men's Body Hair That Needs Grooming
Men's Body Hair - Men's Body Hair Removal - Men's Body Hair Grooming - Both men and women carry a variety of opinions when it comes to where it is attractive for a man to have hair, and how to groom it. I do think, however, it is there are certain areas that need particular attention and continued maintenance. Here are my recommendations for unsightly men's body hair that needs grooming.
The Obama Suit
The signature navy blue suit that Barack Obama wears has everyone talking. His suits are custom tailored by Hartmarx, which is a 121 year old Chicago based company and the largest suit maker in the United States. Since Obama has made this particular suit popular, even the Hartmarx CEO has started to wear them. Although Barack’s suits run about $1,500 due to the added cashmere and custom tailoring, you can pick up a 100% worsted wool version off-the-rack under the Hart Schaffner Marx label.
Hairstyle Inspiration for Guys
Don't get stuck with a bad haircut. Bring a photo of your ideal men's hairstyle to your stylist so you can get the look you really want.
How to Wear Jeans to the Office
Wearing Jeans to Work - Men's Jeans - Casual Friday seems to have taken over the entire week, as many work places seem to have relaxed their definition of business casual to loosely include jeans. You should still stay alert to the impression you make upon your clients, superiors and co-workers. It is important to take care in how you wear your jeans, keeping the style appropriate for the workplace. Here are some do's and don'ts of wearing jeans to work.
The Merits of a Barbershop Over a Styling Salon
Barber vs Salon Stylist - What images conjure in your mind when you think of a barbershop? Do you picture old men sitting around shooting the breeze while the red, white and blue striped pole spins round and round? Do you think they are outdated and old fashioned? Do you assume that a barber’s skills are limited compared to a salon stylist? I decided to find out what the difference is between the two and whether the difference was enough to make an individual choose one over the other.
The Growing Popularity of Compression Underwear...
Shapewear for Men - Compression Underwear - Shapewear, also known as compression underwear, may seem like a foreign concept to the average man. And many men may think these products are reserved strictly for women or when you are recovering from a surgery. Au contraire, men’s shapewear has gained tremendous popularity and for good reason. Men are wearing shapewear and compression underwear for sports, better circulation, better posture, and many other reasons.
13 Must Haves for Every Man's Wardrobe
Mens Wardrobe - I thought it would be interesting to ask Kim Johnson Gross of Chic Simple Ltd what wardrobe essentials every man should have. I also asked her for some bargain shopping tips for those of us who want to stretch our wardrobe dollars. The advice she provided gives every guy the essentials he needs for a practical and functional wardrobe that will carry him though many different occasions.
12 Facial Hair Trends for Men
Pictures of Men's Facial Hair - Famous Men with Facial Hair - Facial hair never really goes out of style but it is having a big comeback lately. More and more guys are sporting retro mustaches, beards and unshaven looks. Urban hipsters and the fashion forward can be seen donning facial hair the likes we haven't seen since the '70s and '80s. Then there are those who just want a relaxed, but sexy look. Here are some examples of men's facial hair as seen on famous men.
10 Men's Eyewear Brands You Should Know
Smaller, independent eyewear brands making some of the best, most innovative sunglasses available right now
Prevention Tips for Guys Prone to Ingrown Hairs...
Preventing Ingrown Hairs (a.k.a. Razor Bumps) - For men, shaving is a necessary evil, at least for most of us. And we will be plagued with ingrown hairs (also referred to as razor bumps) as long as we continue to scrape a sharp blade across our faces every day. Paying attention to how we shave and take care of skin will be our best defense in the prevention of those pesky razor bumps. Here are some best practices in the prevention of ingrown hairs (or razor bumps).
Men's Suits - 6 Affordable Men's Suits
Let's be honest, a suit is one of the most expensive (if not the most expensive) items a man will buy when building his wardrobe. Now we have all heard of suits that run into the thousands, but most of us can't afford nor have the occasion to wear such suits. If you are after a basic suit, there are options that won't make you go bankrupt. Check out these Six affordable men's suits that all make great wardrobe basics.
Men's Wardrobe Essentials for Formal or Semi...
Men's Wardrobe Essentials for Formal or Semi Formal Occasions - One of several articles about building a basic wardrobe; this article focuses on six key items I believe necessary for men's formal or semi formal occasions such as an interview, a wedding, or a date.
See the Evolution of David Beckham's Hairstyle
David Beckham has definitely captured everyone's attention with his athletic ability, gorgeous wife, good looks and major fashion sense among many other things. Personally, I love that David experiments with hairstyles and changes them almost as much as Madonna. And he has donned almost every hairstyle known to man. It's quite inspirational if you ask me. Here I have featured some of my favorite coiffs sported by one of the world's most famous athletes--David Beckham.
Men's Jeans - Less Expensive Jeans for Men
The cost of jeans has gotten a little out of control if you ask me. The fact that $200 (and more) has become somewhat normal for jeans is outrageous. That doesn't stop me from buying them though. I guess the joke is on me. But for those of you who are a little wiser with your wardrobe dollars, there are plenty of great jeans under $100. Check out some of my favorite inexpensive jeans for men.
Top Picks in T-shirts and Underwear for Men
Links to descriptions of my favorite specific men's t-shirts and tank tops, boxers and briefs.
Men's Hairstyles - Eight Reasons to Get Your...
Reasons why you might want to spend the extra money and go to a salon rather than a barbershop; e.g. stylists at a salon typically have better training.
The Best Men's Undershirts
Not all t-shirts and undershirts are the same and finding the right style and fit can be a challenge. Its almost like trying to find that perfect pair of jeans. There are so many things to consider such as the quality of cotton the cut and whether or not you want some stretch. I have put together a list of my favorite men's t-Shirts and undershirts and I would be surprised if you didn't find one on this list that is right for you.
The Best Face Cleansers for Men
I've got one thing to say - stop using soap on your face. It can deteriorate your skin's natural, healthy appearance. There are many advanced cleansers out there that improve your complexion. I have highlighted some of my favorite face cleansers for men here.
The Perfect Casual Men's Look for Spring and...
There are so many reasons to love the transition from fall and winter to spring and summer. One thing I look forward to is swapping heavy jackets and wool sweaters for lighter clothing. There is nothing like feeling free from so many layers. I particularly enjoy wearing what I consider my uniform of the season - a polo (or tee), flip flops and jeans (or shorts) with a great belt topped off with cool sunglasses. Check out my spring/summer must haves for the perfect casual look.
Men: Here's How to Get the Hairstyle You Want
The right hairstyle can give you self confidence and satisfaction. Finding the right hairstyle for who you are does take a little effort though but the results will be worth it in the end. With that said here are seven tips on how to get the haircut you want and deserve.
Dandruff - Dealing with Those Embarrassing Flakes
We are all prone to a few flakes, but when the flakes turn into a blizzard, it can ruin your confidence and give the wrong impression. Here are some fixes.
RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream...
RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream - I wanted to know if there was a cheaper, non-prescription and less harsh product than Retin A out there. Here is a review of RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream.

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