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Listen up guys, this is style tips. We are going to cover the basics like what every man should have in his closet, shopping advice, how to dress on a budget and much more. Ultimately, you don't want to be caught off guard when certain situations arise be it a wedding, a first date or just a ballgame.
  1. T-shirts and Underwear for Men
  2. Fashion Advice
  3. Dressing on a Budget
  4. Caring for Your Clothes
  5. Celebrity Style

T-shirts and Underwear for Men

There was a time when guys didn't have many options when it came to their underwear and what was available wasn't all that exciting to boot. Times have changed though and men have the luxury of choosing all kinds of styles, fabrics and fits. Here you will find my top picks in t-shirts and underwear for men.

Fashion Advice

Here's what a guy needs to know to build a practical and functional wardrobe that will carry him though many different occasions.

Dressing on a Budget

So you were browsing through a magazine and saw a jacket you liked, but had to have a shot of tequila to recover from the shock upon learning its price. That's okay, it happens to all of us. I'll show you how to find bargains and maximize your wardrobe dollar, and no one will know that your great look cost less.

Caring for Your Clothes

So you've spent time, money and effort putting your stylish wardrobe together, but what do you do after you spill spaghetti sauce on your new outfit? I'll provide the best tips and resources on caring for clothes and keeping them looking like new.

Celebrity Style

Do you want to dress like your favorite actor or sports star? Or are you just curious about what they wear? Check in regularly to follow celebrity appearances at award shows and for other style inspiration.

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