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The Perfect Casual Look for Spring and Summer


There are so many reasons to love the transition from fall/winter to spring/summer. One thing I look forward to is swapping heavy jackets and wool sweaters for lighter clothing. There is nothing like feeling free from so many layers. I particularly enjoy wearing what I consider my uniform of the season--a polo, flip flops and jeans with a great belt topped off with cool sunglasses. Check out these spring/summer must haves for the perfect casual look.

1. Men's Polo Shirts

Photo courtesy of Polo

It was the French tennis player Rene Lacoste who made the polo shirt one of the most popular wardrobe basics out there. Until 1950 the Lacoste polo was available in only one color - white. Today, every designer has their interpretation and it comes in many colors from solids to heathered to striped. They are available in a wide variety of fabrics as well. It's a must have for a casual spring or summer look. For the more budget conscious, here are Budget Friendly Polo Shirts.

2. Men's Short Sleeve Shirts

I don't know anybody who doesn't love warm weather. One of the things I love the most about the summer season is loose fitting, lightweight clothes--well, at least when I'm not at the office. Here are some of my favorite men's short sleeve summer shirts that are smart and stylish.

3. Casual Belt

Photo courtesy of Macy's

The perfect choice when trying to avoid the formal look of a dressy belt. Casual belts such as this Polo d-ring cotton belt look great when paired with sandals or fun sneakers.

4. Men's Shorts

It wasn't until around World War II, when many soldiers were in tropical locations, did adult men begin to wear shorts. Before then, guys had to endure the summer in long pants. Thankfully those days are over and now shorts are a wardrobe mainstay no matter where you might live. Shorts don't have to be dull either.

5. Premium Denim Jeans for Men

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

We already know that denim is a staple in the American wardrobe, but more recently it has become so more than ever. And I realize that with all of the styles and fits out there it can be a little confusing, but it's important to find the right pair. If you are a little more thrifty, check out my list of less expensive jeans for men. So now there's no excuse.

6. My Top Picks in Men's Thongs / Flip Flops

Photo courtesy of Zappos

I buy a pair of flip flops every spring and I get lots of use out of them. They look great with your favorite pair of jeans and can be worn into the evening on those warm summer nights. Plus, they just look cool and summery.

7. Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Fossil

Of course no spring or summer outfit would be complete without a pair of awesome sunglasses. This is a must have fashion accessory. The right pair of sunglasses can make anyone look like a celeb. 

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