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My Favorite Men's Boxer Underwear


Boxer underwear is without a doubt most men's top choice for the type of underwear they wear. And clearly underwear is a very personal thing, and we all have different standards in terms of what we look for in comfort, fit and fabric. I have to admit, for everyday boxers I like cotton, but not just any old cotton. Here I have highlighted my ten favorite men's boxer underwear. Oh, and if you haven't already read my article What Does Your Underwear Say About You?, you might find it amusing.

1. 2(x)ist Essential Button Fly Boxer

Photo courtesy of Bare Necessties

I have been wearing the 2(x)ist Essential Button Fly Boxer for years and consider them a staple in my wardrobe. They aren't as fullcut as other types of boxers, but not body hugging either.

2. Calvin Klein Cotton Knit Boxer

Photo courtesy of FreshPair

The Calvin Klein Cotton Knit Boxer isn't loose fitting like other boxers. It is body conscious, as they say, and has a functional fly front. These are great if you are wearing slimmer trousers in a thinner fabric and don't want to have blousy boxers on underneath. They also are have a lower rise make them ideal for low rise jeans.

3. Under Armour HeatGear Boxer Shorts

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

This Unmder Armour boxer has a classic fit and is made of a light weight polyester/elastane fabric which wicks moisture and is anti odor. I have a pair of these and find them to be quite comfortable and good quality. 

4. Hanro Basic Classics Retro Boxer

Photo courtesy of Bare Necessities

If you like a little more luxury, Hanro's Basic Classics Retro Boxer is made of silky mercerized cotton. These boxers have shiny sateen stripes which give an interesting and luxurious look.

5. 2xist Pima Cotton Knit Boxer

Photo courtesy of Freshpair

I love the 2xist Pima Cotton Knit Boxer because it is made with super soft pima cotton, if it wasn't obvious from the name. This boxer has a functional button fly and is relaxed-fitting. This makes a great basic boxer for everyday wear.

6. Calvin Klein Woven Slim Fit Boxer

Photo courtesy of Freshpair

This woven cotton boxer by Calvin Klein is cut slightly shorter than a traditional boxer and has narrower leg openings. Additionaly this boxer sits lower on the waist making it perfect for guys who like to wear boxers but also like to wear slim fitting jeans and trousers.

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