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Fashion Advice for Men Over 40


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According to Kim Johnson Gross, co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd, a man should not give up on style just because he is over the age of 40, but there are some guidelines he should follow. In a conversation I had with Kim she outlined some of those guidelines.

Does That Color Make Him Look Sick?
Men over 40 have to realize that their body has changed including their hair and skin color, which also changes their color palate. It is important to make sure the colors they are wearing are still flattering.

He Must Have Borrowed His Son's Clothes
Men should pay attention to what fits correctly, but avoid wearing trendy clothes. Trendy clothes just make him look like he is hanging onto his youth, and more importantly, make him look like he hasn’t found himself.

Tip: Stick with classics--classic doesn't have to mean boring.

What Time is T-Off?
Some men’s lifestyles have changed as well. Perhaps they have stopped working and are now more leisurely. Men in this particular situation often don’t know what to do since they were used to wearing a suit to work every day and jeans and t-shirts on the weekends. They have a hard time transitioning their wardrobe to fit their new lifestyle.

Tip: A sport coat is a great transition item perhaps even in suede. Also where he used to wear dress shoes during the week and sneakers on the weekend, he may now find more casual shoes like driving moccasins appropriate.

Just Because He Has a Nice Body . . .
Even when a man over 40 has a good body he should wear clothes differently than he did in his younger years. For example, even if he has a six-pack and a great butt, he should avoid wearing low cut and tight fitting jeans he might have worn in his 20s and 30s. He can still wear flattering, stylish jeans and t-shirts, but just differently.

Style Challenged?
If he really needs style help, he should go to a really good men’s store and try things on to get an idea of what is flattering. The salesperson should be able to provide some good tips. He doesn’t have to buy anything and the advice is free.


Kim Johnson Gross is the co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd and former fashion director of Esquire and Fashion Editor of Town & Country. Kim has also written monthly columns in InStyle magazine, and appeared on numerous television and talk shows as a leading consumer authority.

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