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Wardrobe Tips for Tall and/or Thin Guys


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I have always been tall and thin. I have also always struggled with finding clothes that are long enough in the body but not too bulky. Don’t get me wrong, I love being tall, but I don’t want to appear like I tower over people or that I’m scarily thin or that I have no style. So here is some advice I highly recommend for those guys who are tall and thin, or even tall and big, and have had trouble finding clothes that look good and fit the way they should. Dressing well and looking your best is really quite easy once you have these five things in mind.

  • Horizontal Stripes: I am a tall, thin man and I love wearing shirts with horizontal stripes. Doing so gives the illusion that I have more body mass than I actually do. Vertical stripes, however, can make you look taller and thinner than you already are.

  • Go Custom: If you are having trouble finding dress shirts that fit properly, don’t be afraid to try custom made shirts, or suits for that matter. Places like Brooks Brothers have sales a couple of times a year on custom shirts and suits. They are more affordable than you might think.

  • Take Advantage: One thing big guys can do that smaller guys can’t, or at least as well, is pull off bold prints, wide suit lapels and wide neckties (if yo aren't going for that retro, Mad Men look). Don't go crazy with wild prints, though. It' not a good idea no matter what your size.

  • Break It Up: Avoid dressing in all one color or monochromatic tones. This is advice most people should follow, but it is especially true for tall fellas. I even recommend wearing different color trousers and suit jackets. A tall guy wearing all one color can be a little intimidating. I will say that shorter guys can more easily monochromatic and all of one color.

  • Clothes Should Fit: A lot of tall and/or thin guys wear clothes that are too baggy or loose fitting which is a mistake. Not only does it look sloppy, but it gives the appearance of being too thin. I realize this is often because tall guys need length so they buy bigger sizes, but then the body is too big. Many stores like Banana Republic and J Crew offer tall version of their clothes, often online only, but it’s worth investigating. Another trick to break up the tall silhouette is to wear pants with cuffs. Lastly, suits should not have more than three buttons, other wise you will look like you are wearing a uniform, plus it's just not fashionable.
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