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Men's Underwear - Top Picks in T-shirts and Underwear for Men


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Fortunately, we now live in a time when men have the luxury of choosing all kinds of styles, fabrics and fits in their underwear. There was a time not that long ago when that wasn't the case. Just know you have choices. And a good rule of thumb when buying a new style of underwear is to buy just one pair to make sure you like the way they fit and look on you before buying in quantities.


  • I am very particular about my briefs, as I'm sure many guys are, and I definitely have my favorites. This list is compiled through my own experience, so hopefully you won't spend as much money as I have figuring out what underwear you like. My Favorite Men's Briefs

  • When it comes to boxers, it's all about the fabric, otherwise they are all pretty much the same. Yes some are more full cut than others and I have identified these subtleties in my favorites list. My Favorite Men's Boxer Underwear

  • Calvin Klein was the first to come out with "designer" underwear so to speak. And since he was the first, he has had plenty of time to come out with many different styles. My Top Picks in Men's Calvin Klein Underwear

  • It's not just women who like to wear something a little sexy now and again. My Favorite Sexy and Fun Underwear for Men

  • My new obsession is this boutique brand of underwear from Columbia. They are fun and the fit is amazing if you like briefs and boxer briefs. Mundo Unico Men's Underwear
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