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The Growing Popularity of Compression Underwear and Shapewear for Men


The Growing Popularity of Compression Underwear and Shapewear for Men
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Shapewear, also known as compression underwear, may seem like a foreign concept to the average man. And many men may think these products are reserved strictly for women or when you are recovering from a surgery. Au contraire, men’s shapewear has gained tremendous popularity and for good reason. Men are wearing shapewear and compression underwear for sports, better circulation, better posture, and many other reasons as I have outlined in this article.

Shapewear for Aesthetics

Shapewear can come in various forms, such as a brief, a boxer, a tank top, a t-shirt or even a full body suit. Depending on what “problem” area you would like to disguise will determine which form you wear. Many men battle the bulge in their mid-section which comes in the form of “love-handles” and “beer-bellies.” Another area that can cause embarrassment and make a man self-conscious is their pecs, or less delicately put, “man-boobs.” With the assistance of compression garments, you can sculpt your body into appearing as if you’ve lost pounds or have been spending your spare time at the gym.

When attempting to hide problem areas, most men will turn to over-sized clothing that is unattractive, sloppy, and can make your physique actually look worse. You can eliminate the unwanted bulge and cinch inches off your chest, waistline, hips, and thighs by wearing these compression garments that are completely concealed underneath your clothes. Panels of compressing fabric target the bulging areas and hold everything in, at least in theory.

Although shapewear should not replace a proper diet and exercise, these garments can help you appear slimmer and look more fit. It may not work or appeal to everyone, and you may not like feeling "bound up," depending in the type and size of shapewear you buy. But if you are on a diet and weight loss program, seeing a glimpse of a slimmer “you” through the use of shapewear could give your confidence a well-deserved boost, and just may be the motivation you need to lose those unwanted pounds.

Shapewear for Sports

There are many benefits to shaprewear for sports which is another reason it is becoming more and more popular. In regards to sports, however, it is referred to exclusively as compression underwear which obviously sounds better than shapewear. Compression underwear keeps muscles warm which prevents muscle strain, helps with form and posture and is often made with fibers that wick sweat away. It also keep men's "bits" in place similar to a jock strap without needing to wear one. Some compression underwear has built in padding in key areas to prevent injuries during sports, like on the hips for when baseball players slide to base.

Shapewear for Ailments

Besides helping men to look better and play sports better, shapewear can help men feel better too. Pain and discomfort exists in various forms and for various reasons, from surgical procedures to muscle pain. And being in pain can lead to further problems such as over-extending another body part as well as create bad posture. The compressing action of shapewear can help with these ailments.

If you are recovering from a surgical procedure, wearing a compression garment may help the recovery time because the garment promotes blood circulation, decreasing chances of swelling and infection. These garments have a snug fit and contour the body, keeping body temperature stable during recovery. Of course your doctor will be the one who will make such a recommendation.

Perhaps you have a hernia, which is a rupture in the abdominal muscle, or a strained back. Since your abdomen and back are at the core of your body, just about any movement, even coughing, can increase further complications. Wearing a compression garment that will support and tighten your core and will speed up recovery time while decreasing chances of further damage or strain. Of course always consult a medical professional first.

Poor posture may be a result of carrying some extra weight around, back pain, muscle strain or any combination thereof. Shapewear can help. The compressing factor adds pressure to the muscles, creating support and increases blood circulation, which helps reduce the inflammation that leads to pain. Because of the constricting and supportive material in the garment, it forces your posture into place, eliminating the tendency to slouch and hunch your back and shoulders.

Ready to Wear

If you are now convinced to incorporate shapewear, or a compression garment, into your wardrobe to correct back posture, reduce pain, or to eliminate unwanted body bulge, you might want to check out the following popular manufacturers.

The well known Spanx brand revolutionized shapewear for women, and now they do the same for men. Man Spanx comes in the form of undershirts and underwear. The undershirts, in a t-shirt or a tank top, will control the jiggle of the “man-boobs” as well as provide back support. The underwear sculpts the legs and buttocks into a firmer form and supports the abdomen. Manufacturer's Site

Another favorite is the Form Collection from 2(xist). The Form line has a brief, boxer and tank top shapewear. The brief targets the abdominal region, while the boxer controls the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The tank provides an overall slimming effect for the torso area. Compare Prices

The very popular Under Armour brand makes a wide selection of compression pieces from long sleeve tees to muscle shirts, underwear and socks. This line is geared for the more athletic kind of guy and these pieces (other than the underwear, of course) can wear worn on their own. Manufacturer's Site

Underworks is an company that produces girdles for men (and women) and other shapewear. Their products are known to be comfortable and are designed to hide excess weight and shape figures. Manufacturer's Site

Again, if you are recovering from a surgical procedure, be sure to speak with your doctor about whether or not a compression garment is right for you. For post-operations you may need more support than what most shapewear or compression underwear that is designed for slimming can provide. Your medical professional will be able to provide information on where to find specific products.

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