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Wardrobe Basics

Listen up guys, this is dressing 101. We are going to cover the basics like what every man should have in his closet. You don't want to be caught off guard when certain situations arise be it a wedding, a first date or just a ballgame.
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Denim 101 - All About Denim
Men's Jeans - Men's Denim - Denim 101 - Understanding Denim - America certainly seems to have a love affair with denim, or jeans. What was once worn for function, such as working in the mines or on farms, has now become a staple garment in American fashion, but with great differences.

Wardrobe Tips for Tall and/or Thin Guys
Here are fashion tips for guys that are either tall or thing or both. Are you tall and thin and tired of clothes that don't fit quite right? Here are five tips to help tall and thin guys look sharp.

Mad About Plaid - How to Incorporate Plaid Into Your Wardrobe
Although plaid is always in style for outdoorsmen and those who wear kilts, it is the influence of the 1990s grunge era that has brought plaid back as fashionable gear. The current trend of plaid, however, is not just worn as plaid flannels shirts as was popular in the 90s. Today, designers are mad about plaid and incorporating this popular...

The Do's and Don’ts of Wearing Jeans to Work
Casual Friday takes over the entire week, as many work places seem to have relaxed their definition of business casual to loosely include jeans. Even though “everyone does it”, you should still stay alert to the impression you make upon your co-workers, clients, and your superiors.

The Growing Popularity of Compression Underwear and Shapewear for Men
Shapewear, also known as compression underwear, may seem like a foreign concept to the average man. And many men may think these products are reserved strictly for women or when you are recovering from a surgery. Au contraire, men’s shapewear has gained tremendous popularity and for good reason.

What Are Your Favorite Men's Jeans?
What are your favorite men's jeans? Have you purchased a pair of jeans that have become your favorite and are your "go to" jeans when wanting to make a good impression? Do they make your "assets" look great? Write your own independent review of your favorite men's jeans (or at least one of your favorites). See submissions See submissions

Sharp Looking Travel Clothes
Some readers are curious as to what they should bring with them on trips. You don't always want to look like in a tourist, especially if you plan to go out for a nice dinner or a show. I am curious what you think. What would you suggest for easy travel clothes that also look sharp? Post your response.

Preparing for a Date: How to Make a Good Impression
Want your first date to go well? Then, it's time to best foot forward. If you pay attention to the following style advice, you're well on your way to making a great first impression.

First Date Dealbreakers: Style Advice for Men
Have you bee on a great first date only to be denied when you ask for a second? Granted, it could have been that the chemistry wasn’t right for her, or her ex-boyfriend called the next day wanting her back. But what if you unwittingly committed a fashion or grooming faux pas? I held counsel with some of my girlfriends and put together a list of tips and to-do’s for you gents.

Poll: How do you feel about wearing socks with sandals?
During the warmer weather months, the issue of wearing socks with sandals seems to stir up much debate. I listed wearing socks with sandals as my number one men's fashion faux pas in my article 8 Men's Fashion Mistakes to Avoid. Since then I have received all kinds of responses to this rather hot topic. So as a result, I'm letting you decide.

10 Worst Men's Fashion Trends of the Decade
At the end of a decade, it is always fun to look back and think about the many events and trends that defined it. But it is also fun to look back and think about the things we are glad to see fade into the sunset. This couldn't be more true when it comes to fashion and style trends. Here I have compiled ten bad men's fashion trends of the last decade.

Men's Fashion - The Perfect Back To School Outfit
In my mind, the perfect back to school (whether high school or college) outfit is a polo, jeans and a fun pair of sneakers. This isn't an expensive outfit (at least it doesn't have to be), but it looks sharp. Of course it's not just for those who are school bound, it's the kind of outfit guys of all ages can wear.

The Do's and Dont's of Wearing Shorts
I recently chatted with a girlfriend about a man she was dating and an unfortunate fashion blunder he was prone to make. She described this man as having unusually nice legs, but the one issue she had with these particular legs and their owner was that they were often seen wearing extra short shorts. All of this talk of men and shorts got me thinking about the do's and don'ts of men and shorts.

6 Men's Fashion Trends I Wish Would Die
I spend hours researching men's fashion and grooming topics so I can bestow upon my readers my witty sarcasm towards fashion and style faux pas, but only to steer them in a positive, blunderless direction. Here I have compiled some a six men's fashion trends that I wish would die.

How to Tie a Tie - How to Tie a Windsor Knot
Another important tie knot is the Windsor (aka full Windsor). It's a more chunky knot which protrudes out from the shirt versus lying flat like the four-in-hand. The Windsor should really be worn exclusively with a spread collar shirt. The knot itself was named after Edward VII, the King of England from 1901 to 1910, who preferred a wide triangular knot.

How to Tie a Tie - How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot
Tying a tie is one of those things every guy should know how to do even if it's just for special occasions. But just in case you don't know how, here are easy to follow step by step instructions on how to tie a four-in-hand knot. The four-in-hand knot is the most basic of the various of knots for ties and one that will look appropriate with most shirts.

Corduroy - Men's Corduroy Pants
Nothing marks the sign of the seasonal transition like velvety corduroy. It is such a rich fabric and so comfortable. This season’s cords present a range of wales, cuts and colors that makes cords a versatile and fashion-forward choice for fall menswear. So if you don’t already own a pair of men's coduroy pants, you are missing out.

Men's Underwear - Top Picks in T-shirts and Underwear for Men
There was a time when guys didn't have many options when it came to their underwear and what was available wasn't all that exciting to boot. Times have changed though and men have the luxury of choosing all kinds of styles, fabrics and fits. Here you will find my top picks in t-shirts and underwear for men.

Rugby Purveyor Canterbury of New Zealand Creates "Off Field" Line
Canterbury of New Zealand is the official purveyor of rugby team uniforms for many of the world's top teams. They are bringing their century-old heritage to the U.S. with a new "Off Field" collection that blends elements of rugby style with a contemporary flavor. This new collection for fall 2006 is super cool.

A Classic Reborn - Khakis are Making a Comeback
You will notice that khakis (also know as chinos) are taking a cue from the denim world, employing interesting washes, new fits, good hardware, and detailing. It’s all about options and variations, shedding the previous image khakis had for not being serious enough for business and not cool enough for after hours. The updated khaki...

Don’t Treat Your Sport Shirts Like They Are Dress Shirts
Just because a particular shirt may look like a dress shirt that doesn't mean it is. Sport shirts have become increasing popular with the corporate casual dress code taking over the American work place. As a result there are lots of shirts out there posing as dress shirts when they are really sport shirts. Allow me to clarify the difference between the two.

Wardrobe Tips for Challenging Body Types
Let’s not beat around the bush, nobody’s perfect. We all have our set of challenges when it comes to finding clothes we find flattering on ourselves otherwise known as dressing for your body type. Keep these tips in mind when putting a wardrobe or an outfit together.

Real Men Wear Pink
Pink is alluring. Maybe because psychologically it is known to have a calming effect. Or maybe it’s because it is complimentary to most skin tones. Or maybe it’s because a man who wears pink exudes confidence, yet is sensitive. Pink is also easy to coordinate with almost every color in your wardrobe. It is essential. I have outlined four ways you can incorporate pink into your wardrobe.

What Makes Sweaters Seasonless and Stylish
Sweaters (or knits) are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. They are seasonless (cottons for summer, wools for winter, cashmere year round) and versatile. I have to say that knits (as I like to call them) are my single favorite thing to wear. I wear them often and throughout the year. I like how comfortable they are and how they add texture and richness to an ensemble.

Wardrobe Must Haves for Every Guy
Advice for every guy on the essentials he needs for a practical and functional wardrobe that will carry him though many different occasions.

7 Tips Men Need to Know About Wearing Color
A man who knows how to wear color well can really turn some heads. Here are some words of advice about wearing color.

Fashion Advice for Men Over 40
According to Kim Johnson Gross, co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd, a man should not give up on style just because he is over the age of 40, but there are some guidelines he should follow. In a conversation I had with Kim she outlined some of those guidelines.

Mens Fashion - 5 Rules to Live by When Wearing Black
If you like to wear black as much as I do, listen up. I have become quite aware of the way different fabrics hold black dye and with this in mind, I live by these five rules.

8 Mens Fashion Mistakes to Avoid
We all make fashion errors now and again, but some are just unforgivable. I have outlined eight fashion mistakes to avoid at all costs.

6 Important Rules for Dressing
Every man has asked themselves about matching their socks with their trousers and other assorted questions at some point in their lives. These six tips should clear up at least some confusion.

Video: Tips on Building a Wardobe
Building a wardrobe is all about having the minimal amount of clothes to get you through the maximum number of occasions. Find out what essential items every man should have in his closet and learn how to successfully mix these few key pieces for a variety of timeless, stylish looks to fit any occasion.

How To Tie a Tie
As a service to the more fashion challenged ScoutDB presents the following primer on how to tie a tie.

Book: Men's Wardrobe (Chic Simple)
Check out this book on Amazon.com. It will help you create a sensible, organized wardrobe that'll keep you prepared for any fashion situation, from a job interview to "casual day" at the office to the golf course.

Book: The Indispensable Guide to Classic Men's Clothing
This is an invaluable book on classic men's clothing. It answers hundreds of questions on every article in a man's wardrobe, from ascots to wing-tips and it explains those things in practical language.

Poll: How many pairs of shoes do you own?
When it comes to shoes, one thing is for sure, most men don't own nearly as many pairs as women do. When I talk to men about this topic, I continually hear that they own just one or two pairs for work and then sneakers for the gym and so on. So I thought I might pose the question via a poll to find out how many shoes guys have a tendency to keep around.

Poll: How do you feel about pants with pleats?
Why so many men avoid flat-front trousers has always been a mystery to me. Flat-front trousers look better than pleated pants, at least most of the time. Plus pleats make you look less slim. I have heard guys wear pleats because it’s more comfortable or because flat-fronts are more for athletic bodies. I disagree, but I am curious what you think.

Poll: How much are you willing to spend on a pair of jeans?
Obviously denim is an essential part of anyone's wardrobe. Just about every designer and fashion label turns out jeans simply because it is such a staple. With such variety also comes wildly different prices. So I am curious what you would consider paying for a pair of jeans. Take this poll and vote.

Poll: What do you think of Crocs?
I first heard about Crocs from my sister. This was years ago when she liked wearing them on her vacations in Hawaii, and according to her they were the perfect beach shoe. She would buy them in Hawaii and her whole family would come back wearing them. Now fast forward to present day and I am seeing them on people all over the place. They are seemingly unavoidable. So I am curious what you think.

Three Men's Fashion Faux Pas
Men's Fashion Faux Pas - Keeping up with fashion trends may or may not be something you take interest in. Most men try to avoid looking ridiculous before leaving the house. But some fashion trens permeate popular culture and find their way into our closets. And when you have made a fashion faux pas, nobody tells you! Here are a few fashion...

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