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Top 6 My Favorite Men's Watches Priced Around $500


Most guys I know have a thing for watches. But some of us just can't afford some of the premier brands that command thousands of dollars. The good news is that there are some great, inexpensive alternatives. In fact, some of these watches look rather expensive and will be sure to impress. Here I have listed my favorite watches for men around $500.

1. TX '730' Classic Chronograph Watch

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom
I love the sporty look of this watch, but it's also a high quality German engineered watch loaded with cool features. The extra large dial is striking and the overall styling makes me think of a race car. In all black this is a watch you could wear with a dressier outfit too. I would wear it all of the time.
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2. TX 'Airport Lounge' World Time Watch

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom
I love the simplicity of this watch. It makes an elegant statement with the large silver face (with a globe as the backdrop) and black leather strap. A great choice for a guy who wants something a little out of the ordinary.
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3. Victorinox Swiss Army 'Maverick II' Two Time Zone Watch

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom
If you want a watch that looks like an Omega Seamaster (the James Bond watch) but don't want the price tag that accompanies it, then this would be a great substitute. And it's not like it's an unreliable knock-off either. Swiss Army has a great reputation and is Swiss made.
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4. Morpier Firenze Stainless Steel and Leather Dual-Time Watch

Photo courtesy of Forzieri
This is another great watch that has the styling of a watch many times its price (think A. Lange & Sohne). It features an oversized silvered dial with two dials for two times zones and has a brown leather strap. It comes in an alkl version as well. Made in Italy.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army 'Alliance' Watch

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom
This watch has a croc-embossed leather strap and brown dial with date. The silver case around the crown face makes this a sharp looking watch.
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6. Emporio Armani Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Photo courtesy of Macy's
This is a modern looking watch with a stainless steel bracelet band and skeleton transparent dial face. What I like about this watch is that it doesn't look like your typical steel bracelet watch.
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