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Men's Gift Guide - Gifts for Guys


Are you stumped on what to get the guys on your shopping list? Perhaps you just need some inspiration. Check out my men's holiday gift guide for ideas and suggestions. From shaving and skin care kits to watches and scarves, there's sure to be something here that any guy would appreciate.

For the Budget Shopper

With the economy we have been experiencing lately, it might be wise to buy some gifts "on the cheap." Here are Gifts for Men Under $25 and Gifts for Guys for $50 and Under that don't compromise on the wow factor.

Fragrance and Skin Care

Skin Care Kits for Men Make Great Gifts simply because they are a terrific way to introduce skin care to guys who would not go out and buy products for themselves. And I was stunned to find out how many guys use drug store shaving foams and such - we are talking most if not all. Skin needs to be treated with a little more TLC and therefore Shave Kits Make Great Gifts for Guys.

Fragrance is always a crowd pleaser so I have put together a list of Top Selling Men's Fragrances and More Top Selling Mens Fragrances in addition to my list of The Newest Men's Fragrances on the Market.

Watches and Cufflinks

A limited budget doesn't mean you can't wear a neat watch. There are plenty of options out there these days. See My Favorite Fossil Fashion Watches for Men, Terrific Men's Watches Under $100 or Cool Watches Priced from $100 to $200.

Other than a watch and a ring, cufflinks are really the only other type of jewelry guys can wear so Cufflinks Make an Awesome Gift.

Cold Weather

If you are afraid of wearing color then scarves might be a good way to add some to your outfit without committing to too much. Here are My Favorite Men's Scarves.

Sweaters are a key element in any man's wardrobe and are a great transitional weather item. Here are some great Men's Fall Sweaters Under $80.

If you live in an area of the country where cold weather gear is a must, I know it can be tough to find jackets that look somewhat stylish while doing there job of keeping you warm. Here are My Favorite Men's Casual Cold Weather Jackets.


Denim has become a wardrobe staple more so than ever. We are now seeing sport coats and dressy shoes paired with jeans as well as seeing more jeans in the work place. And if you don't mind spending a few bucks, here are My Favorite Premium Denim Jeans for Men. For those of you who are a little wiser with your wardrobe dollars, there are plenty of Less Expensive Jeans for Men, most of which are around $50.

Like jeans, polos have become a staple in the Amercian wardrobe. Here are My Favorite Men's Polo Shirts and Men's Budget Friendly Polo Shirts.


You might consider exploring gift options that don’t run a high risk of needing to be returned or exchanged because you chose the wrong size or color, so Bags and Luggage Make Great Gifts.

Thankfully more and more companies are coming out with stylish ways to tote around the ever important high tech companion. Here are some Stylish Laptop Computer Bags and Totes For Every Guy.

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