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Valentine's Day - Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Valentine's Day Gifts for Him


Listen up ladies, Valentine's Day doesn't mean you have license to buy weird, wacky and unflattering gifts for your guy. I don't know what it is about this particular holiday that produces some of the worst gift ideas. You might want to consider gifts that are more lasting and that you will be able to see him wear throughout the year. So before you make any decisions, check out my list of heinous Valentine's Day gifts and mistakes to avoid.

The Smitten
A mitten for two, need I say more? If you don't believe me see for yourself.

Novelty Underwear and Ties
Never a good choice. It is my personal objective to steer everyone away from making this mistake. Goofy or cutesy prints and patterns are amusing for about ten nanoseconds.

Bad Color
So you're tempted to pick up a pink shirt, red sweater or some other fashion item in a holiday specific color. These can all be fine gifts, but not if the color isn't good for the skin tone that will be wearing it.

Again, this can be a fine gift if it is the right kind of jewelry such as a watch (see my article on men's watches), but please don't be tempted by those broken heart necklaces that each person wears a half of, or something else that isn't mindful of the person who will be wearing it.

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