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Gift Ideas - College and High School Grad Gift Ideas


Gift Ideas - College and High School Grad Gift Ideas

It's easy to shop for gifts for high school and college grads. This is because they are entering new phases in their lives and they have many needs. This is where they need your help. I know the options are endless, but I suggest practical gifts. I have provided some helpful gift ideas to get you started.

  • High school grads will appreciate sweatshirts, hats, and backpacks with the insignia of their college-to-be on them. Or at minimum, plain sweatshirts, socks, t-shirts and other basic comfortable clothes are essential in the college student’s wardrobe. Take a look at my "top picks" article Gym Clothes Make Great Gifts for Guys for a few recommendations.

  • College grads might appreciate a briefcase or computer bag. Over-the-shoulder leather cases and padded computer bags have replaced the hard-sided briefcase that once was considered the standard of the business world. What ever your price range might be, look for a lightweight but durable material and features that fit your grad’s needs. Such features would be a padded laptop compartment, pockets for a phone and PDA; a back sleeve that allows the briefcase to slip over the handle of wheeled luggage; backpack straps or chest strap, and lockable zippers. Look at my top picks in Stylish Laptop Computer Bags and Totes For Every Guy for some examples.

  • College grads or high school grads that plan to join the workforce will need some wardrobe basics for interviews and work-wear. A great gift will be helping them with building that versatile and functional wardrobe. Check out my article on Wardrobe Essentials for Formal or Semiformal Occasions or my article on Wardrobe Must Haves for Every Guy. And for suits, see 6 Affordable Men's Suits.

  • A good watch tells your high school or college grads how proud you are of their accomplishments and is the perfect token symbolizing a new phase in your grad’s life. For tips on what to look for in a watch, see my article Men's Watches--What to Consider. And for specific recommendations, check out Men's Watch Guide - Top Picks in Men's Watches in Different Price Ranges

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