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Top Picks in Men's Sunglasses


There is no accessory quite like sunglasses. You can be wearing sloppy clothes but a great pair of sunglasses can turn your look, or lack of one, around. Check out some of my top picks in men's sunglasses, some of which are expensive and some that are not. Either way, these men's sunglasses are still stylish.

1. Oakley 'Bottle Cap' Polarized Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Oakley

These Oakley sunglasses have an open-edge design and are made of a lightweight frame material. They also offer an unobstructed downward field of view and patented optic lenses resulting in razor sharp clarity. But most importantly, they are polarized.

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2. Ray-Ban 'New Wayfarer' Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber

Retro sunglasses are huge right now. These revamped Ray-Ban 'Wayfarer' sunglasses are almost exactly like the pair I owned back in the '80s. If you want to look more fashion forward, you couldn't go wrong with these classic sunglasses. Plus, they have full UV protection with patented lenses.

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3. Maui Jim 'Stingray' Polarized Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Bigger sunglasses like these are quite fashionable at the moment. But more importantly, these Maui Jim sunglasses have patented super thin polarized lenses. I own these myself and I'm crazy about them since they do a great job of eliminating glare and enhancing colors. <a href="">Buy Direct</a>

4. Persol 'PO2747S' Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Pricegabber

Persol makes some of the best quality sunglasses out there. They are known for having a comfortable fit, the best lenses and a patented flexible temple. They have been designed and made in Italy since the 1930s. And ss with all of their sunglasses, these cool sunglasses have anti-glare polarized lenses which I can't live without.

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5. Fossil 'Kevin' Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Fossil

Go for a vintage look with these Fossil 'Kevin' sunglasses. Retro sunglasses are really popular and their classic too. Again, I am impressed with the price of Fossil sunglasses. Such a good value.

6. Ray Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber

Aviators are sexy and look good on just about everybody. And these classic aviators by Ray Ban are authentic.

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7. Oakley 'Whisker' Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Oakley

The Whisker is a classic bread and butter Oakley model. It comes in many frame and lens color combinations. The frame itself is made with an alloy that is digitally sculptured making it ultra thin and flexible. The lens provides the highest protection and optic clarity. I have friends who have worn these sunglasses for years and they continue to look sharp and stylish.

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