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Men’s Sunglasses Trends - Current Looks in Men's Sunglasses


Are you prepared to keep the glare from your eyes while making a fashion statement? Sunglasses are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. Of course, sunglasses are not simply reserved for spring and summer, making this is a necessary accessory that adds a finishing touch to an ensemble without much effort. Although men’s trends do not alter as frequently as women’s trends, it is important to wear a fresh pair of sunglasses, and you don’t have to settle on just one look as you can own multiple pairs! Taking a look at this year’s trends, there are plenty to styles to match your look and mood.

1. Geek Chic (Thick Frames)


Made of sturdy thick plastic, this style is durable to handle everyday wear and tear. Meant to be fun and campy, the lenses are usually oversized and the frame is chunky in design. This may be the one time where sporting a “geek” look will actually get you into the “in” crowd. So whether you are a braniac or just carry a geek spirit in your heart, wear this casual look with sheer confidence. These are a great weekend item. An example of this style is offered by Dolce & Gabbana, with a contemporary twist to a geek chic design.

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2. Retro


A retro look can personify many things, however, it is the retro look of the 1950s, 1970s, and the 1980s that are offering classically polished looks to this years lineup of sunglass wear. A retro look should embody a timeless, classic feel with an all-American look. Nothing seems more all-American than the brand of Ray Ban. The brand does an excellent job of covering all the retro looks that are currently in fashion trend. Take a peek at the Ray Ban Clubmaster for a Mad Men-esque look <a href="http://bit.ly/mQN2sG"Vendor's Site</a>, the Ray Ban Round Metal for a fresh update to the John Lennon spectacles <a href="http://bit.ly/l35pZ4">Vendor's Site</a> and the Ray Ban Wayfarer for the classic ease of the 1980s.

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3. Printed

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Popular options for men’s sunglasses typically are in solid black, tortoise, or metal frames. A classic look is great to have for year-round looks, but spring and summer welcome color and is a perfect opportunity to incorporate a colorful option in your accessory items. Play up the playful colors of the season with sunglasses in patterns of colors. A solid color is still too safe of an option, so be daring with a printed style of sunglasses that will inspire fun in the sun. Ray Ban’s endless offering of colorful options will inspire you to vacation in an equally colorful destination.

4. Aviator


Traditionally, the aviator has a metal frame that is thin and light, and has a teardrop lens. Often times the traditional style will also have a polarized or mirrored lens as well. You can certainly get by with a classic aviator frame, but have fun with it and give it an updated look, as you would update your wardrobe. A few progressions to the classic style to offer an updated look include a frame with a double-bridged frame, rounded or squared off lenses, or a brightly colored frame in a plastic material.  Carerra makes trendy sunglasses that embody spring and summer time. They have given a fresh overhaul to the traditional aviator with a variety of colors and lens shapes to choose from, all with a cutout detail in the bridge. 

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5. Oversized


This is a trend that goes in and out of style, but is certainly having a comeback of late. Oversized sunglasses offer a sense of mystique as if you are someone famous hiding from the paparazzi. More importantly, the oversized lenses offer greater protection from the harmful rays of the sun since there is greater coverage. You can find an oversized version of sunglasses in any of the season’s trends, whether they are a retro, geek chic or aviator style. Mosley Tribes 'Hayes' Oversized Teardrop Aviators delivers big attitude that will have you wearing this trend with finesse, rather than the trend wearing you.

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