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You've heard what they say about Italian businessmen, right? While they shake your hand they look at your shoes and size you up, so to speak. Shoes and other accessories are just as important in defining the kind of man you are as your clothes. Learn about the importance of shoes, belts and other accessories.
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Hush Puppies Goes Hip and Retro
Who would have thought that Hush Puppies would ever be fashion forward? Well, maybe not quite fashion forward, but definitely fashionable. I remember wearing not so fashionable, but comfortable brown suede Hush Puppies when I was in grade school. Fast forward a few years (meaning more years than I care to think about), and we have dress and...

Best Men's Flip Flops (or Thongs)
I buy at least a couple of pairs of men's flip flops (some say thongs) every spring since they are my shoe of choice in warm weather (outside of work of course). In leather they look great with a favorite pair of jeans and can be worn into the evening on those warm summer nights.

Men’s Jewelry - Trends in Men’s Jewelry
Traditionally, the average man has not flaunted too much in the way of jewelry, keeping things more conservative with a watch, class ring and/or a wedding band if married. Earrings were once a viewed as sign of rebellion and gold or platinum chains were reserved for the music scene. Those days have come and gone and modern times have brought in...

Men’s Sunglasses Trends - Current Looks in Men's Sunglasses
Sunglasses are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. Of course, sunglasses are not simply reserved for spring and summer, making this is a necessary accessory that adds a finishing touch to an ensemble. Although men’s trends do not alter as frequently as women’s trends, it is important to wear a fresh pair of sunglasses, and you don’t have to...

Stylish Laptop Computer Bags and Totes for Every Guy
Whether you travel by foot, pedal, plane, train or automobile, it seems everybody these days carries a laptop around. And until recently laptop bags have never been very attractive or fashionable. Thankfully more and more companies are coming out with stylish ways to tote around the ever important high tech companion.

Famous Men and Their Fashionable Fedoras
The hat has been enjoying a new found popularity in recent years. Fedoras in particular are very fashionable. They are terrific hats because they can be so versatile and make your look more funky, edgy or sophisticated depending on how you wear one. So if you own just one hat, make it a fashionable fedora. See this gallery of famous men and their fedoras for inspiration.

My Top Picks in Men's PF Flyers
I have been a huge fan of PF Flyers for some time now. Whenever I wear them I always get compliments. They are one of the original American sneaker brands--the company launched in 1937. Since New Balance took over the label, new designs are being offered in addition to classic styles. I love the new styles as much as the old. Here I have...

Top Picks in Men's Sunglasses
Men's Sunglasses - Top Picks in Men's Sunglasses - There is no accessory quite like sunglasses. You can be wearing sloppy clothes but a great pair of sunglasses can turn your look, or lack of one, around. Check out some of my top picks in men's sunglasses, some of which are expensive and some that are not. Either way, these men's sunglasses are...

Men's Gloves - Winter Gloves for Men
If it's one thing I hate it's not having gloves to throw on before heading out into the cold. It hurts my hands just thinking about it. Whether your walking to the local coffee shop or sitting in your car waiting for it to warm up, you will be so thankful for having some gloves at your disposal to avoid un-necessary torture.

Men's Dress Shoes - My Favorite Kenneth Cole Dress Shoes for Men
Kenneth Cole has become a mainstay in men's fashion. As with his clothing designs, his shoes can be simple with a modern twist or even fashion forward. And his clothes, shoes and accessories are typically affordable, unlike so many other designers. When it comes to shoes though, I'm sure there is something for you in this list of my favorite...

Cufflinks - Cool Cufflinks Make an Awesome Gift
Other than a watch and a ring, cufflinks are really the only other type of jewelry guys can wear. So if one of the guys on your shopping list wear French cuffed shirts, a gorgeous pair of cufflinks makes an awesome gift.

My Top Picks in Men's Donald J Pliner Shoes
Donald Pliner first opened a high end shop in Beverly Hills in 1967, but it wasn't until 1971 that he started to design clothing, shoes and accessories. 1989 was the year he created the Donald J Pliner brand we know today, but it was 1998 when he introduced his men's line. His designs are progressive, innovative and distinctive. Here I have...

Men's Bruno Magli Shoes - My Top Picks in Men's Bruno Magli Shoes
Every guy should invest in at least one pair of great dress shoes. As the old saying goes, shoes make the man, or in other words, it is one of the ways in which men are measured up. With that in mind, you would be hard pressed to find men's shoes of similar quality and price than those by Bruno Magli. So without further ado, here are some of...

Men's Casual Shoes - Cool Retro Styles in Men's Kick Around Sneakers
The retro sneaker is bigger than ever, so why not treat yourself to pair? I love retro styles in sneakers which is why I own many pairs. They are easy to wear with jeans and make a stylish replacement to your average athletic shoe. They also compliment graphic tees which are really popular these days. Check out my top choices in retro...

Hugo Boss Shoes - My Favorite Hugo Boss Shoes for Men
I love Hugo Boss shoes since they have a comtemporary look and are easy to coordinate with your wardrobe. They make great wardrobe basics. I have worn Hugo Boss shoes for some time now and find them to be comfortable, not to mention that they are the ones I inadvertantly slip on when running out the door. They are just easy to wear.

Men's Dress Shoes - My Favorite Kenneth Cole Dress Shoes for Men
Kenneth Cole has become a mainstay in men's fashion. As with his clothing designs, his shoes can be simple with a modern twist or fashion forward. What ever your style, I'm sure there is something for you in this list of my favorite Kenneth Cole men's dress shoes.

Bags and Luggage Make Great Gifts
It doesn’t matter if you are a girlfriend buying for her guy, a son buying for his dad, etc., when it comes to buying clothes for someone, it is always tough to guess the right size, style or color. You might consider exploring options that don’t run a high risk of needing to be returned or exchanged. So let’s talk about bags and luggage.

International Men's Shoe Size Conversion Chart
This handy chart will help you convert men's shoe sizes from one part of the world to men's shoe sizes in another.

Messenger Bags - Why They Are So Popular
Over the course of the last few years, messenger bags have taken over, and not just with girls and women. Boys and men have also seen the light and are using messenger bags to help make their load lighter. Here's some information about messenger bags and why they have become so popular, as well as some links to some really cool messenger back manufacturers.

Shoe Storage Products - Shoe Racks, Boxes and Organizers
From shoe racks to shoe boxes; and shoe bags to shoe closets, the options are endless. Here are seven great shoe organizers.

How To Buy the Right Running Shoes
Before shopping for running shoes, learn what you need to know to get the right fit and type of shoe for your feet. Learn about pronation and how to tell if you overpronate.

Top Picks and Hot Styles in Men's Sandals
Sandals are a great thing - they keep the soles of your feet protected, while letting your feet breathe and your toes move. Sandals can keep you cool and comfortable, when the weather is unbearable. And, they can gain you entrance to any store with a sign reading "No shirt, no shoes, no service."

The Best Shoes for Men's Khakis and Chinos
Wondering which shoes to pair with those khakis and chinos? It all depends on the outfit, the occasion, and the look you're going for.

What You Need to Know About Sunglasses
There's such a huge selection of sunglasses styles, prices and features that sometimes it's difficult to decide which pair is the "best." Finding a pair you love is easier if you start thinking about your possible choices now, before you go shopping. Get the facts about sunglasses components to learn which ones provide the best protection and comfort for your eyes.

Article: The Importance Of Men's Footwear
While shoe shopping may not mean the same for a man as for a woman, it would behoove many men to spend a little more time weighing their options the next time they need to stock up on footwear. Check out this great article on the importance of men's footwear.

All About Ties
From Ben Silver online - "Your tie says everything about you. By its colors, its pattern, its placement, it announces your taste and style to the rest of the world. Once, the necktie served the singular purpose of announcing the background of the wearer." This is a great resource for everything you ever wanted to know about ties.

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