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Top 6 Sunscreens and Sunblocks for Men


Keep in mind that 90% of the damage done to skin can be attributed to the sun, so if you insist on being out in it, use a good sunscreen. And trust me, I know my sunscreens. Being of English and Irish decent I have very sensitive skin and I have tried almost every product out there. Here I have highlighted my favorite sunscreens and sunblocks for men.

1. MenScience TiO2 Sunblock SPF30

This is an ultralight, non-greasy waterproof sunblock that is also moisturizing. This could very well be on of my favorite sunblocks. I took this to Hawaii and was impressed with its smooth application and invisible, matte appearance. This one's a sure bet.

2. DDF Organic Sunblock with SPF 30

I have used this sunblock because it is recommended for irritated, sensitive skin that needs virtually total sunblock protection. DDF sun-care products provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, and according to the manufacturer this product also contains anti-oxidants to help minimize free radical skin damage caused by the sun and environmental pollutants. I do find that this sunblock can be drying to the skin if used often.

3. MD Skincare 60 Sun Pads with SPF 30

I personally use these highly protective sun pads when in a hurry or just for convenience, and have had great success with them considering my sensitive skin. You just wipe them on with the convenient application pads. This is a great find. And MD Skincare is one of my favorite skin care manufacturers.

4. Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard with SPF 20

This total protection sunscreen formulated for specifically for men is oil-free yet moisturizing. It can be used on the face, scalp, or body with no stickiness or greasiness. Perfect for the active guy who doesn't like a multitude of products which is what the Jack Black line is all about.

5. Zirh Defend with SPF 15

Defend SPF 15 protects the skin and moisturizes. One of its ingredients is avocado oil which, according to the manufacturer, moisturizes, nourishes, conditions, and helps increase water-soluble collagen content in the dermis skin layer. And Zirh is a high quality men's skin care line manufactured by Shiseido, one of the best skin care companies in the world.

6. Peter Thomas Roth Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30

This sunblock permits minimal tanning, yet is light, oil free and isn't water resistant. This sunblock also moisturizes the skin. It has micellized antioxidants and vitamins A and E. It is also fragrance free, PABA free, non-comedogenic.

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