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Men’s Body and Facial Hair Grooming Advice


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In centuries past, the appearance of body and facial hair held more significance for class, profession and religion than it does today. In recent decades, body hair on men was considered glorious (such as in the 1970s and 80s), and then a time when hair scarcely visible was preferred (such as in the early 2000s). Going into this new decade of 2011, it seems men’s body hair trends comes down to personal preference; but there are some general guidelines to follow if you want to be a well groomed man.

Eyebrows: Believe it or not, eyebrows actually have an important function of protecting the eyes from sweat and other debris. Using a blunt-nosed scissor, carefully trim overgrown hairs into its natural shape. Stay away from creating unnatural arch, as it looks too feminine. You want the eyebrows to handsomely frame your face and not look like your frozen in an expression of surprise. Any stray hairs can be eliminated with a quick tweeze.

Sideburns: Stay away from a full “Mutton Chop” that basically is incredibly full and looks like lamb chops on the side of your face. Its best to keep sideburns closely trimmed, not bushy. You can fade your sideburns into your skin or square them off at a desirable length that frames your face.

Upper Lip: Although the “Tom Selleck” look should stay in the 1980s, having a closely trimmed mustache can still provide you with the masculine swagger he had. If you are a smoker, be sure to take care in washing your mustache regularly with a mild face soap to prevent staining and bad odor.

Chin: Of course you do not want to look like Grizzly Adams, and I think both Brad Pitt and Joaquin Phoenix took the unkempt beard look too far; but there are attractive ways to keep a beard, such as with a “Goatee”. The hair of a goatee mostly resides in the chin area, and can exist on its own or connected to sideburns or a clean mustache, or both. Just be sure the length is same and closely trimmed all around to ensure you look kempt and stylish. The same goes for a full beard.

Armpit: Most men find it “manly” to have armpit hair, but please keep it trimmed. There is nothing more unattractive than looking like you got two troll dolls tucked in a headlock under your arms. Be sure to follow your hygiene regime with a clear solid deodorant, as you do not want to omit odor or have white chalky stains when you raise your arms.

Chest: Some women like it, some don’t. Some men can barely grow any, while others could literally braid their chest hair. If you have only a few curly-cues, I would advise to just go ahead and remove those few hairs. However, if you do have an abundance of chest hair, keep it properly groomed. Be sure to keep the collar area closely trimmed so that you do not have tufts of hair poking up from your shirt. If it travels down your belly into your pubic area, also keep that area closely trimmed. If you do choose to remove the chest hair altogether, be sure to wax or use a cream depilatory method because the stubble re-growth from shaving with a razor is scratchy and no one will want to rub up against that.

Arms: Most men have a reasonable amount of arm hair and unless you are a swimmer, most likely you will never be bothered by the sight or feel of keeping your arm hair. However, if it is really thick, coarse or darker in color than hair on other areas of your body, you may want to use a bleach to lighten and soften the hair that grows here. The end result will look more like peach-fuzz rather than caveman arms.

Knuckle: No one expects a man’s knuckles to be free of hair. But, if it is rather long, be sure to give the hairs a quick trim with a pair of scissors. You may also opt to bleach the knuckle hairs if they do bother you to look at but do not want to go through waxing them.

Pubic: It is perfectly acceptable, and even to some, desirable to have a trimmed trail of hair leading to the groin. Using a pair of scissors and a steady hand, carefully trim the pubic hair for overgrowth. Unless you are trying to sport the porn-star or Brazilian trend, I would advise not shaving off the pubic hair entirely. It can be incredibly itchy when growing back and there is great potential for infectious ingrown hairs since the area is typically more moist and the hairs are curly, creating a breeding ground for ingrown hairs to grow.

Legs: This is another area where it is perfectly fine to have hair and looks much more masculine. Again, unless you’re an athlete for performance reasons, you will most likely never need to shave off your leg hair. It may however rub off under your jeans due to friction, causing spots of no hair on your legs. If this happens, it is perfectly normal.

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