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Top 6 Self Tanners - Top Selling Self Tanners


The better quality self tanning products whether in cream, gel or spray form are made with the same active ingredient which stimulates pigment in the skin rather than dying it. These better quality self tanners offer a natural looking tan, not orangey. I have compiled a list of top selling self tanners which alleviates some of the guess work when trying to pick one for yourself. And if you haven't already, read my article What You Need to Know About Self Tanning before you apply a self tanner.

1. Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is lightweight, non-oily and gives a natural, golden tan. It is continually voted one of the best. I have personally expereinced good results.

2. Model Co. Tan Airbrush In A Can

My personal trainer uses Tan Airbrush In A Can. I have always thought her tan looked great so that goes to show it provides a natural looking tan. She likes the spray because she can control the application of the product better and doesn't have to get any on her hands.

3. Fusion Beauty Perfect Glow Spray

I recently used the Fusion Beauty Perfect Glow spray for the first time. I was impressed how easy it was to apply and the best part is that it goes on clear, doesn't smell or stain your clothes. I have sensitive skin and I was able to use it on my face and body. This self tanner is very highly rated.

4. Fake Bake Self-Tanning Lotion

Fake Bake Self-Tanning Lotion was my first experience with a self tanner. It gives a rich, long lasting tan which I wasn't prepared for being my first time and all - it was rather shocking. If you want a self tanner that is quite dark even the first time you use it, then this is the one for you. This particular self tanner is voted number one time and time again and is one of "Oprah's Favorites" for what it's worth.
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5. Somer360 Tanning Towelettes

If a lotion/gel or spray seems unappealing to you, then try Somer360 Tanning Towelettes. This self tanner is easily applied with one towel wiped on the skin. The tan will deepen over several hours. If you wanted a darker tan, you would apply a second layer after three hours.

6. Clarins Self Tanning Milk SPF 6

Clarins Self Tanning Milk SPF 6 is lightweight and non-oily. Because it has SPF, it is great for those people who like to get a little real sun as well. This product is always mentioned as one of the better self tanners.

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