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Top Barbershops Across The Nation


Many men are intimidated by posh and frilly salons and spas filled with the opposite sex. Thus traditional barbershops are resurrecting all over the country and men everywhere are flocking to them with great speed. These new barbershops are hipper than their predecessors while still providing a classic Americana experience. Here's a look at some of the top men's barbershops across the country where you can get a great haircut, a traditional hot towel shave, and other amenities tailored towards men.

1. Valentine’s Men’s Grooming Salon – Seattle, Washington

Valentine’s is nestled in a city as diverse as its clientele. It offers great style and cuts regardless of age or ethnicity. They simply specialize in great men’s cuts. They also offer classic shaves, manicure and pedicures, and men’s facials. If you’re getting married, treat yourself to one of their Groomsman Packages where you’ll feel relaxed from a scalp massage, look fresh with a haircut and shave, and an invigorating foot soak will surely cure any “cold feet” symptoms. A contemporary décor with rich wood and leather furnishings, you’ll comfortably sink into a no-stress zone. Valentine’s is located at 7912 Greenwood Avenue N. Seattle, WA. 98103.

2. The Barber Lounge – San Francisco, California

A lofty style space, The Barber Lounge is a place that will understand you whether you ask for a “high and tight”, or any other classic men’s haircut. In addition to haircuts, they offer stress-busting scalp treatments and blending of grays from either your head or face. The shop prides itself on featuring artwork from Bay Area artists and often host art openings and shows in their space. With a whimsical and artsy environment, you will find yourself at ease while you are groomed. The barbershop does book up quickly and they recommend you make advanced appointments. The Barber Lounge is located at 854 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA. 94107.

3. The Proper Barbershop – Los Angeles, California

The Proper tips a hat to traditional barbershops with a nod to modern street culture. No pretentions, just good old-fashioned technique, where the owners have several years in the hair business. Stations are lit up with traditional red, white and blue barber poles. While waiting, you can kick back with a cold one while playing video games. You’ll have plenty of conversation starters with the array of signs and collectibles that grace the walls. Haircuts are reasonably priced and they offer a “proper” shave. You can even rent out the shop for bachelor and wedding parties. Also, ask them about their first time “Proper” client promo for a discounted rate on your first visit. The Proper Barbershop is located at 7950 West 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048.

4. Men’s Club Barber Spa – Phoenix, Arizona

Don’t let the word “spa” fool you. They do offer spa services such as manicures and pedicures, but you won’t find estrogen-laced surroundings or services. This shop promises to deliver a traditional barber experience tailored for men and you will not compromise any masculinity by indulging in a pampering service. They specialize in classic, razor and military cuts, and it even offers a shoeshine or boot shine service while you wait! Sports memorabilia and television will occupy your attention while getting groomed. Men’s Club Barber Spa is located at 7000 E. Mayo Blvd., Phoenix, AZ. 85054. 

5. FINO for Men – Las Vegas, Nevada

A gentlemen’s grooming lounge, this barbershop looks much like a cigar club lounge with its rich wood furnishings. In fact, the shop boasts a humidor with cigars available for sale! Fino’s offers a full-service menu of options for men, grooming services from head to toe, including body wax services because some of us do need it. Las Vegas is known for being over-the-top and this barbershop is over-the-top in tradition. Shoeshine and lint brush services are welcome finishing touches, and all services include a complimentary beverage and a hot towel service. If visiting on business, the shop offers free Wi-Fi so you can work while getting groomed. Fino is located at 7207 W. Sahara Avenue, Ste. 100, Las Vegas, NV. 89117. 

6. Bird’s Barbershop – Austin, Texas

With four locations in Austin, you should have any problems finding one conveniently located in your neighborhood. Traditional barbering technique meets a hip, colorful, whimsical décor – reminiscent of 1980s video games, complete with a disco ball. Bird’s puts the fun in getting a haircut. The mashup of old-school hip-hop and complimentary beer gets the party started for your classic haircut with a modern twist. The shop offers affordable pricing on haircuts and hair coloring services, and you can’t beat the free entertainment that includes arcade machines.

7. Truefitt & Hill – Chicago, Illinois

Truefitt & Hill needed to have a shout out because it is the oldest barbershop in the world! Any shop that has been offering traditional classic cuts as longs as Truefitt & Hill has (since 1805) deserves to be on a top list of barbershops. Having connection to the British Royal Family, the grooming packages offered at this shop are in themes in line with royalty from The Prince of Wales package to the Duke of Edinburgh. The shop boasts antique furnishings with truly old-school barber chairs and furnishings, and even an antique shoeshine stand. Treat yourself to a special herbal steam facial, a hot lather shave or stress reducing massage in addition to getting your hair groomed. Truefitt & Hill is located at 900 North Michigan, Chicago, IL. 60611. 

8. Ultimate Barber Shop – Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Classic setting and décor, this shop offers up a variety of cuts and chemical services. You’ll find yourself comfortable and at ease watching their large screen plasma TV while getting groomed. To feel ultra VIP, the shop offers a limousine service as well! Not too many shops can boast live music, but the Ultimate Barber Shop offers up live jazz for their patron’s entertainment. Old school with old-world charm, this shop will serve up your entire classic grooming needs. The Ultimate Barber Shop is located at 3645 Market Place Blvd. Suite 140, East Point, GA. 30344.


9. Sloan Square Barbers and Shoppe – Miami, Florida

With a tag line that reads “The Modern Gentlemen’s Sanctuary,” you know you’re in for a real treat! Their concept is a simple one: to pamper men, and you will be pampered with the complimentary beverage, shoulder massage and hot towel service offered with haircuts and shaves. Haircuts are affordable and you’ll certainly want to experience a truly indulgent service such as a hot lather shave. Simple classic furnishings will make any man at ease. To feel exclusively VIP, join one of their levels of membership that offers unlimited haircuts, trims and shaves! Special packages available for Grooms-to-be as well. Sloan Square Barbers is located at 1322 Alton Road Miami Beach, FL 33139.

10. The Blind Barber – New York, New York

The Blind Barber attempts to redefine the modern man with a mix of fashion, music, cocktails … oh, and of course men’s grooming. Inspired by the “roaring twenties”, this shop cultivates refinement and creativity. Haircuts are superior and each service is offered a complimentary beverage such as an appropriately names “Sweeney Todd” that is made of Jameson Irish Whiskey. For a truly unique experience in receiving a cut, shave or trim, The Blind Barber truly delivers. The lounge is decorated in true twenties fashion while the barbershop will have you traveling back in time. The Blind Barber is located at 339 E. 10th Street. New York, NY 10009.

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