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How To Style Your Own Hair


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How To Style This Short Hairstyle
How To Style Your Own Hair

Also, as you will notice, this model's hair was colored. There are many at home coloring products for men, but I always suggest going to a salon for color. You don't want fool around with hair dye.

To achieve this look, Redken stylist Noah Hatton provides these styling tips:

Step 1. Start with taking a little firm hold gel for men, about a nickel size worth, and apply it on almost dry hair out of the shower. This will give you the texture and control you need to enhance the texture in the hair cut.

Step 2. Then blow-dry your hair with your hands to achieve style.

Step 3. After your hair has been put in place, use about a dime size of air wax for shine and pliability so that you can keep reshaping the hair with your hands all day.

The Redken products used for this hairstyle:

Color Camo - a men's semi-permament hair color that hides the gray with no visible lift or unnatural gold or red tones.

Grip Tight firm hold gel

Maneuver working wax

These products and more can be found at www.redkenformen.com

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