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Photo Gallery of Asian Men's Hairstyles


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Daniel Henney's Long No Fuss Hairstyle
Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Actor Daniel Henney augments his good looks with a long brushed back no fuss hairstyle. To achieve a look like his, you must have a medium to thick head of hair to properly pull it off. If you have fine hair, the longer length will only accentuate the thinning. This carefree and easy-going hairstyle can be brushed back off of the face or worn shaggy and unkempt by layering it forward. Although this style is seemingly low-maintenance, it is important to have your stylist cut layers into your hair rather than being all one-length looking like a bob. Layers can either be cut with cutting shears, or for an edgier look, ask your stylist to cut the layers using a straight-edge razor. Regular hair trims are required as you may be prone to split-ends with the longer length of hair, unless you take care to condition the hair regularly. You do not want to over-style this cut with too much hair product, as you want to upkeep the carefree look. A leave-in conditioner in either a light cream or spray on formula would be ample amount of product to style the hair with ease.

Suggested products to achieve this look are: Mop’s Leave-In Cream Conditioner, Paul Mitchell’s Lite Detangler, or TIGI Bed Head’s Ego Boos Split-End Mender and Leave In Conditioner

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