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Men's Hairstyles - Time for a Hairstyle Change?


By Antonio Gonzales, stylist at Orlo Salon in New York City

Many men in their 40's and 50's tend to hold on to hair trends of the past...most of which are not worth mentioning. But many guys of all ages are guilty of sporting an out of fashion hairstyle. Perhaps you recently heard a loved one say, "honey, I love your hair, but maybe you can try my stylist for a change?" This translates to "child, please!! I can't take anymore of this Grace Jones meets Chuck Norris gone wrong!"

Their are ways to a identify a haircut that you have held onto for too long. One great way to track your hairstyles is by looking through photo albums. If you find that your current "do" is almost a freeze frame of your high school graduation picture, it might be time to let it go (or in some cases... let it grow).

So you are finally ready to get away from the hairstyle that you have been sporting for the past 15 years. During a conversation with your stylist, you express the desire to wear your hair in a different style. Despite the type of hair you have, your stylist smiles and simply confirms that this is a good idea. Your stylist has been cutting your hair for years and you've always been pleased. But perhaps your stylist is the wrong person to give you a new do. Imagine leaving the salon with a new hairstyle and feeling even more unsure about your hair. As you arrive home to your loved one validates your insecurity by pointing out every hole, lump and valley in your new...what's the word, let's call it a HAIR MISHAP!!! Suddenly 1993 really didn't look so bad after all...

In other words, a new stylist might give a fresh perspective. You might be surprised to know that men's haircuts can range from $8 to $400. It's up to you to find a stylist that is in your budget and talented enough to deliver a quality cut that grows well and is versatile. You might be it conservative by day and a bit more relaxed at night, or rather transform your current hairdo into a masculine, modern cut. So, before making the big change, make a consultation appointment with a styist. Also look around at their other male clients (if you see only crew cuts, run for the hills!). Seriously, look for signs that someone that can provide/execute the change you need and want.

Antonio Gonzales is a stylist with Orlo Salon in New York City. Get more hairstyling tips at Antonio's Website, http://hairbyantonio.blogspot.com/.

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