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If it's one thing men care about when it comes to grooming it's their hair--the kind on their head anyway. Whether it's flaking, gray, greasy, poorly cut, thinning or just plain falling out by the minute, it can be an instant indictment of a guy's appearance. All is not lost though. These problems can be dealt with before your lady friend decides she has had enough.
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Messy Yet Stylish Hairstyles for Men
Call it messy, tousled, disheveled, or even bedhead, men's hairstyles that aren't neatly groomed are more commonplace than ever. They can give off a rugged, fashion forward or carefree look. No matter what your motivation for sporting a messy hairstyle, it's stylish. See this picture gallery of messy yet stylish hairstyles for men for inspiration.

Men's Updos - Hair With Height
A fashion trend of late is what I like to call men's updos, or as it might be more commonly known, hair that has some height. It's a bit retro, a bit alternative and very current. Fashion models, celebs and hipsters alike are donning this upwardly mobile hairdo. Here is a photo gallery that might just inspire a new hairstyle.

Picture Gallery of Men's Brushed Back Hairstyles
I love men's hairstyles that are long enough to brush (or gel) back. Sometimes this style only requires hair that is long on the top and short on the sides versus being more universally long. Either way, it keeps your hair tidy and neat looking while being fashionable too.

What Should I Do About My Hair Loss?
What should I do about my hair loss? I turn to you with barely-suppressed panic and ask if there's anything at all you can suggest for an imperfectly formed, bald guy to do with his remaining hair, or just his head in general?

Top Barbershops Across The Nation
Traditional barbershops are resurrecting all over the country and men everywhere are flocking to them with great speed. These new barbershops are hipper than their predecessors while still providing a classic Americana experience. Here’s a look at some of the top men’s barbershops across the country where you can get a great haircut, a...

Barbershop vs Styling Salon - The Merits of a Barbershop vs a Styling Salon
Barber vs Salon Stylist - What images conjure in your mind when you think of a barbershop? Do you picture old men sitting around shooting the breeze while the red, white and blue striped pole spins round and round? Do you think they are outdated and old fashioned? Do you assume that a barber’s skills are limited compared to a salon stylist? I...

Barbershops Reborn - The New Men's Barbershop
Barbershops are popping up all over the country catering to men per usual, but with a modern spin. Newspaper and magazine racks have been replaced by big screen televisions with continual play of ESPN. Pool tables have replaced sitting areas while some barbershops even serve cocktails. And if you are used to ordering your haircut by a clipper...

High Fashion Hairdos That Flop
Over the years I have been to many fashion shows. It's always exciting to see a designer's collection and the shows themselves are a great way for designers to communicate the inspiration, feel and mood for their designs. A fashion show is a big production incorporating music, lighting, etc. Hairstyles also play a big role even in men's shows, but sometimes they can be more of a distraction.

Photo Gallery of Curly Hairstyles
Have curly hair and don't don't what to do with it? I receive many emails asking for advice on how to manage curly hair or what type of hairstyle might look best. I do highly recommend using products to prevent frizz and keep hair in control. But there are many different curly hairstyles one can wear. This gallery of men's curly hairstyles might just inspire a new do.

Photo Gallery of Various Famous Latino Men's Hairstyles
Latino men's hairstyles - Here we show off 10 photos of various famous Latino men's hairstyles from short to long.

Photo Gallery of Various Asian Men's Hairstyles
Asian men's hairstyles - Here we show off 10 photos of various, Asian men's hairstyles from buzzed to shaggy.

Photo Gallery of Various Black Men's Hairstyles
Black men's hairstyles - Here we show off 10 photos of various, African American hairstyles from short to celebrities with afros and dreadlocks.

Picture Gallery of Deliberately Messy and Tousled Men's Hairstyles
Picture gallery of deliberately messy and tousled hairstyles for men. Although these hairstyles look disheveled, they are deliberate in their casual appearance.

Celeb Hair - Photo Gallery of My Favorite Male Celeb Hair
Just because the rich and famous are, well, rich and famous, it doesn't mean they automatically have great hair. And these celebs may have access to the best hair stylists, but that doesn't guarantee a great hairstyle. There is some scary hair goin' on in the celebrity world, so see my photo gallery of my favorite male celeb hair.

Picture Gallery of Wild and Extreme Men's Hairstyles
The wild and extreme looks found in this picture gallery were created by Damien Carney for Joico using Joico's I-C-E hair product line. I-C-E (which stands for Individual Creative Expression) is a line of high tech styling products which allow you to control and mold your hair into cutting-edge styles.

Men's Hairstyles - Picture Galleries of Men's Hairstyles
Having a good haircut is essential. But how do you communicate what you want when you visit your hair stylist? I suggest taking a photo of a hairstyle, so your stylist can help you achieve exactly what you want. You know what they say; a picture is worth a thousand words.

Men's Hairstyles - Does The Hawk Fly Again?
What I have loved about the faux-hawk is that it allows you to be a little edgy without going too far. And if you want to be more conservative, you just comb it to the side. Two hairstyles in one! I have asked celebrity hairstylist Antonio Gonzales to share his thoughts on Mohawk (and faux-hawk) hairstyles.

Men's Grooming - A New Type of Salon with Men in Mind
As you may be well aware, I highly promote guys making visits to salons to get spruced up. I also realize salons may seem rather scary for a guy. A new Los Angeles-based barbershop called Major League Trim has men in mind and makes the salon experience more “manly.” I love the idea of salons, barbershops or whatever you may call them that are created with men in mind.

Time for a Hairstyle Change?
Many men tend to hold onto some hair trends of the past...most of which are not worth mentioning. It's up to you to find a stylist that is in your budget and talented enough to deliver a quality cut that grows well and is versatile. And their are ways to rid yourself of the hair cut that you have held onto for too long.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Loss
Why am I going bald? What is scalp reduction? What are the treatments for hair loss? What causes male pattern baldness? My father is bald, will I go bald too? What is Rogaine and Minoxidil? What is normal hair loss? All these questions and more answered in our hair loss Frequently Asked Questions.

Some Thoughts on Balding and Hair Loss
I realize that with all of the imagery thrown at us via television, movies and print publications, it's hard not to feel self-conscious about a great many things. But don’t be fooled by all of these Hollywood types who always have gorgeous, thick heads of hair. Here are some thoughts on balding and hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatments - Facts, Fiction and Tips
Since records began, men have documented their attempts to reverse the process of hair loss and cure baldness. Some creative but ultimately fruitless concoctions have been devised in an attempt to get the thatch back. Cleopatra used a mixture of horse teeth, bear grease, burnt mice and deer marrow in her attempt to cure Julius Caesar's baldness. We have made some progress since then.

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