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Dressing on a Budget

So you were browsing through a magazine and saw a jacket you liked, but had to have a shot of tequila to recover from the shock upon learning its price. That's okay, it happens to all of us. We'll help you maximize your wardrobe dollar by teaching you how to find online bargains and shop for a deal, and no one will know that your great look cost less.
  1. Discount Online Retailers

A Thrifty Way To Buy Designer Duds
About a year ago I discovered a couple of amazing websites that offer deeply discounted designer shoes, clothes and accessories. All the best designers can be found, including Theory, John Varvatos, Helmut Lang, Ralph Lauren, etc. I have purchased many things from these sites and am very impressed with how fun and easy it to shop.

Top Picks in Men's Budget Friendly Polo Shirts
It was René Lacoste, the French tennis champion, who designed the now iconic polo shirt. Of course it was a tennis shirt, not a polo shirt, back when Mr. Lacoste first wore his shirt to the 1926 U.S. Open championship. In 1933 he began to mass-market his design and now it seems every clothing line makes some sort of polo shirt. Of course there...

6 Ways to Cheaply Spruce Up Your Wardrobe
When I started to go through my closet in order to organize my wardrobe, I realized I had many items I didn't wear any longer as well as things I had put in a pile to give away. That’s when it occurred to me to try and work with what I already had knowing I wanted to spend as little as possible to get my wardrobe situated. Here are six ways I cheaply spruced up my wardrobe.

Style on a Budget
I don't know about you, but the recent economic downturn has changed how I save and spend money. So where does that leave my wardrobe budget? Uh, well, it's pretty much non-existent so finding deals on clothes and inexpensive alternatives to designer looks is more important than ever. Here are eight ways to help you save money on your wardrobe all of which worked for me.

Men's Dress Shoes - My Favorite Kenneth Cole Dress Shoes for Men
Kenneth Cole has become a mainstay in men's fashion. As with his clothing designs, his shoes can be simple with a modern twist or even fashion forward. And his clothes, shoes and accessories are typically affordable, unlike so many other designers. When it comes to shoes though, I'm sure there is something for you in this list of my favorite...

Affordable Men's Suits
Let's be honest, a suit is one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, items a man will buy when building his wardrobe. We have all heard of suits that run into thousands of dollars, but most of us can't afford nor have the occasion to wear such suits. Check out these affordable men's suits all of which make great wardrobe basics.

Terrific Men's Watches Under One Hundred Dollars
These days so many companies are producing really cool watches that look much more expensive than they really are. It's amazing really. No longer do you need to buy a fake Rolex (that won't last either) when you have so many other choices out there. Watches have come a long way. So if you are looking for terrific men's watches under $100, take a...

Men's Jeans - Less Expensive Jeans for Men
The cost of jeans has gotten a little out of control if you ask me. Every designer has their take on trendy jeans. The fact that $200 has become somewhat normal for jeans is odd. For those of you who are a little wiser with your wardrobe dollars, there are plenty of great jeans around $50.

Six Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Freshen Up Your Style
Don't let your limited budget limit your style. There a quite a few things you can do to keep your look fresh even when you need to be wise with your wardrobe dollars. It just takes a little effort and perhaps perusing the sale racks. Whether you incorporate one or all, here are six simple and inexpensive ways to freshen up your style.

Innovative Fashion Show Calls Attention to the Benefits of Going Vintage
Freewill Fashions is a new organization promoting the belief that the preservation and utilization of vintage products is a great way to save our planet. Their first fashion show was collaboration with some of NYC’s leading vintage stores. The concept was to demonstrate how to be creative with fashion by promoting individual style through the beauty of vintage clothing.

4YOU Creates Affordable High End European Looks for Less
Its exciting to learn of a European menswear label that is affordable and accessible to more of the population. The 4YOU label pays great attention to the kind of detail and styling typically found in high end European lines. The clothes are cool, comfortable and easy to wear. You need to see this picture gallery of looks.

Tailoring Your Shirt To Look Bespoke
So you’re not the Prince of Wales who gets his bespoke (made-to-measure) shirts from Turnbull and Asser nor can you or would pay for such a service. There are ways you can fake it and I will show you how.

Tips On Finding Deals On Clothes
This is an informative article on strategies for finding deals on clothes. Even I have employed some of these techniques. Take a look.

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