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Top 7 Best Dressed Male Celebrities on the Red Carpet


Male Celebrities - Let's be honest, most of us watch award shows to catch a glimpse of our favorite celebrities. But we also watch to see celebrities' outfits - there is always much anticipation as to what we will see on the red carpet fashion wise no matter what the award show. So check out my list of best dressed celebs.

1. Tom Hanks - Cannes 2004

Tom Hanks always looks great at award shows. He and his wife, Rita Wilson, continually make the best dressed lists.

2. Johnny Depp - Venice Film Festival 2004

Johnny Depp has some hits and misses when it comes to award shows fashion, but he looks fantastic in all black at the 2004 Venice Film Festival.

3. Brad Pitt at Cannes 2004

Brad Pitt is another actor that can have some unfortunate red carpet moments, but at Cannes in 2004 he looks dashing in a classic tuxedo. This goes to show that it pays to stick with the tried and true.

4. Clint and Dina Eastwood at the InStyle and Warner Brothers Post-Globes Party

Clint might be getting on in years but he is proves that he still knows how to don a tux.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio at the SAG Awards 2005

Leo chose a suit style tux at the 2005 SAG Awards which compliments him perfectly.

6. Thomas Haden Church at the SAG Awards 2005

Although simple, this black suit with white shirt and silver tie that Thomas Haden Church wore at the 2005 SAG awards is pure elegance.

7. Don Cheadle and Bridgid Coulter at the SAG Awards 2005

I love the black and white striped ties Don Cheadle wore with his suit at the 2005 SAG awards. It's a fun twist on an otherwise typical ensemble. He could lose the sunglasses though.
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