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Celebrity Style

Do you want to dress like your favorite actor or sports star? Or are you just curious about what they wear? Check in regularly to follow celebrity appearances at awards and and other events.
  1. Men's Red Carpet Fashion (25)

Famous Men and Their Fashionable Fedoras
The hat has been enjoying a new found popularity in recent years. Fedoras in particular are very fashionable. They are terrific hats because they can be so versatile and make your look more funky, edgy or sophisticated depending on how you wear one. So if you own just one hat, make it a fashionable fedora. See this gallery of famous men and their fedoras for inspiration.

Geeky Glasses Aren't Just for Geeks Anymore
If you wear glasses, or like to wear glasses even without a prescription, take note. Geek chic glasses are all the rage. Sure you see celebrities and fashion models wearing them, but when it hits the streets en masse, you know it's a trend you will see for a while. So if you can pull it off, wearing retro style spectacles is a great way to change up your look.

Top Ten Stylish And Sexy Men Over 40
Style and sex appeal certainly doesn’t end once you turn 40. There are guys past the age of 40 have who have figured out that being sexy and stylish is more than just about clothes, it’s also an attitude or a way of being—it comes from within. My list of stylish men over 40 includes some of the usual faces but these men exude confidence and vitality.

Samuel L. Jackson - Style Icon Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson is a style icon. I love his sense of adventure and confidence with fashion. He often wears loose, yet elegant clothing in interesting fabrics. This coupled with his signature hats and cool eyeglasses give him a unique style that is all his own. Men should take heed from this Hollywood A-lister.

Stars Turn Out For Inaugural Balls (And So Does The New President)
Many a star turned out for the inaugural balls held on the eve of January 20th in Washingotn D.C. Each of the ten balls held had a different theme so celebs certainly had plenty to choose from. The Creative Coalition, Youth and Charity balls drew the majority of the designer clad Hollywood A-listers. Here are some of the highlights.

Bundled Up At The Obama Inauguration
It was freezing cold day for the Obama inauguration, but that didn't seem to deter the crowds or bother the famous names and faces who showed up for the monumental day. Of course everybody just bundled up and braved the cold. See some of the famous guys both politicians and other celebs who were in attendance. It makes me chilly just looking at these guys.

Celebrity Style - Some of the Worst Male Celebrity Style of 2008
Sometimes when money, fame and a need to experiment with fashion collide, it’s a messy scene. Or perhaps it’s a goofy style of dressing or hairstyle that has become a trademark. From bizarre to bad here are some male celebs gone all wrong (at least when it comes to style).

Barack Obama's Trademark Suit Has Everyone Talking
The signature navy blue suit that Barack Obama wears has everyone talking. His suits are custom tailored by Hartmarx, the largest suit maker in the United States. Since Obama has made this particular suit popular, even the Hartmarx CEO has started to wear them. His look is classy, yet refreshingly simple and people are noticing.

Men's Hairstyles - Young Male Star Hairstyles
Some of the best men's hairstyles are worn by Hollywood's up and coming stars. You really get a sense of what is fashionable and current, and why wouldn't you? These young celebs have access to all kinds of stylists when it comes to fashion and hair. I did quite a bit of research to find ten of the most popular young male stars so you know who to use for men's hairstyle inspiration.

Adrien Brody - Style Icon Adrien Brody
You might think that actor Adrien Brody is from Europe by the way he dresses and looks, but he was born and raised in New York City. This young actor has been in many movies, but I have focused less on his career and more on his incredible and unique style. He has confidence and a certain flair while always looking put together without being stuffy. This is why Adrien Brody is a style icon.

The Many Hairstyles of Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell has certainly sported an array of hairstyles over the years, some of which I'm sure were due to acting roles. Regardless, I'm jealous of his amazing head of thick hair, but some styles do look better on him than others. Take a look.

Photo Gallery of My Favorite Male Celeb Hair
Just because the rich and famous are, well, rich and famous, it doesn't mean they automatically have great hair. And these celebs may have access to the best hair stylists, but that doesn't guarantee a great hairstyle. There is some scary hair goin' on in the celebrity world, so see my photo gallery of my favorite male celeb hair.

David Beckham - Style Icon David Beckham
If the term style icon applied to anybody, it would most certainly be David Beckham. It is no secret that he loves to experiment with fashion and hairstyles yet it doesn't diminish his masculinity one bit. He is living proof that it's not only okay for guys to care about the way they look, but it's cool to do so.

The Many Hairstyles of David Beckham
David Beckham has definitely captured everyone's attention with his athletic ability, gorgeous wife, good looks and major fashion sense among many other things. And he has donned almost every hairstyle known to man. It's quite inspirational if you ask me. Here I have featured some of my favorite coiffs sported by one of the world's most famous...

Brad Pitt - Style Icon Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt is one celebrity that no one can deny is style icon. No matter what the occasion, he seems to exude style and confidence. And he definitely has an approach to fashion that is uniquely his own. He can have a tailored look, but look comfortable with unbuttoned shirts, or he can wear jeans and a form fitting shirt all the while looking put together and sexy.

George Clooney - Style Icon George Clooney
Style icon George Clooney is just that--a style icon. Yes George has classic Hollywood good looks, talent and all that, but he has a personal style that is very much his own. It is classic, but not stuffy. It is simple, but not boring. And it is a way of dressing I wish many men would embrace.

Curly Hair - Famous Men with Curly Hair
Identifying curly-haired celebrities who keep their natural curls was a challenge--many curly haired celebs straighten their hair. So here we go, famous men with curly hair for some style inspiration.

Receding Hairlines - Famous Men with Receding Hairlines
Many men begin to panic when their hair begins to recede. Some guys even resort to medications, hair plugs and an assortment of other things. Then there are those guys who choose to accept their situation such as some celebs who have done so, and they look great. See my list of famous men with receding hairlines, they just might inspire you follow suit.

Bald Celebs - 10 Uber Cool Bald Celebs
Hair, or the lack of it, doesn't rob you of the ability to have style. I know guys WITH hair that choose to shave their heads just because it looks good. And although there are countless famous balding guys that you could name, there are 10 uber cool bald celebs that stick out in my mind. They wear their lack of hair well and with tremendous style.

Legendary Designer Manuel Creates His First Ready-to-Wear Collection
Manuel, the legendary Western wear designer who has dressed just about every major country star and beyond, showed his first ready-to-wear collection during Fashion Week. His collection included snakeskin coats, blinged-out denim and bedazzled jackets. The designer's one-of-a-kind couture pieces have typically been a reserved for celebs and the like.

Daniel's Best Dressed Male Celebrities List
Let's be honest, most of us watch award shows to catch a glimpse of our favorite celebrities. But we also watch to see celebrities' outfits - there is always much anticipation as to what we will see on the red carpet fashion wise no matter what the award show. So check out my list of best dressed celebs.

Article: The Male Celebrity Trendsetters
This Askmen.com article will put you in touch with certain celebrites who are setting some trends.

Style Secrets Of Hollywood's Stars
International Beauty Consultant, Hollywood Hair Designer George Caroll shares the closely guarded hairstyling secrets of Hollywood's Stars and Celebrities so your hairstyle can shine like the stars.

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