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Buckler - Behind the Scenes at the Buckler Spring '07 Fashion Show


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Stylist Giovanni Giuntoli and singer Peter Murphy
Buckler - Behind the Scenes at the Buckler Spring '07 Fashion Show
Photo by Daniel Billett for About
From a spectator's point of view fashion shows seem so effortless, at least for the men's shows. One would think that there can't possibly be that much going on behind the scenes before those models walk out on to the runway. To educate myself I got special backstage access to the Buckler Spring '07 fashion show. Seeing how it was put together was an amazing experience. I can only describe it as controlled chaos. The hair and make-up artists were efficient and well coordinated, the production manager was running around attending to every detail and the models waited patiently as they were manhandled from head to toe as if they were store mannequins. This had all the makings for tempers to flair and so I found it surprising how everyone remained calm and professional.

The show itself was amazing--it was Clockwork Orange meets Brit-rock with theatrics and circus like characters as the backdrop. The finale even included a performance by Peter Murphy. I had a feeling that Buckler would put on a great show and the audience was not disappointed. But it was the backstage that I found the most entertaining and educational. I remain humbly impressed.

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