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Fashion And Beauty Brands That Are Helping Japan


Fashion And Beauty Brands That Are Helping Japan
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The tragedy in Japan has brought humanity to the forefront and major retail brands in the fashion and beauty industry are rushing to contribute to the relief efforts. If you are looking for ways to help, you can visit the following companies' websites as some have created special items for purchase where the funds will go to Japan. Some brands have simply contributed chunks of money through foundations they have set up and you may want to support these company’s efforts by shopping with them. Here is a list of fashion and beauty brands that are helping Japan, and by no means is the an exhaustive list.

Amway – According to their website, Amway is taking donations of $10 to be matched and contributed to the American Red Cross, matching funds up to $250,000. Amway is a “direct-selling” business that produces a variety of beauty and body products.

Brookstone – Brookstone carries numerous electronic products that include grooming products for men. The company will match donation funds through their website through the end of March, according to their website, and will send those donations to the organization Save the Children.

Coach – A company that makes bags, accessories and wallets for men and women, has pledged almost $5 million to Japanese Red Cross, according to an announcement on their website.

H&M – With a store located in Tokyo, Japan – clothing retailer H&M has donated approximately 100,000 pieces of clothing to the Japanese Red Cross, according to their website.

Karmaloop – A retailer of urban clothing and gear, Karmaloop is offering “limited edition Japan relief tees” with all proceeds from the sale of these shirts going to the Red Cross, according to their website.

Levi Strauss Foundation – To date, the Levi company has donated a total of $200,000 to Japan, according to a press release on their website. The foundation was established in 2001 and has been contributing to natural disaster relief efforts over the years.

LL Bean – With several stores located in Japan, of which a handful were damaged by the earthquake, this clothing retailer will donate $250,000 to the American Red Cross, according to a press release.

Proctor & Gamble – P&G posted on their website that they will donate 1.2 million to aid Japan. Donations will also include products as well. The P&G Company is behind numerous beauty and grooming brands in the U.S. and internationally.

Synclaire Brands/BCNY International – According to the PR Newswire, the company will donate 100,000 pairs of shoes for Japan to the organization Soles4Shoes, an organization that collects footwear for charity distribution worldwide.

Tatcha – This creator of high-end blotting paper (a very popular product, believe it or not) for both men and women, is donating 100% of the proceeds when you purchase their Kiri gift set through the end of March, according to a press release. The set includes 15 packs of blotting papers and donations will be given to the foundation Save the Children.

Uniqlo/Fast Retailing – This fantastic Japanese fashion chain has contributed $25.6 million to Japanese Red Cross, according to the Huffington Post, as well as $8.6 million worth of clothing to include coats, jeans and thermal underwear. Their only store in the U.S. is in Manhattan.

Zazzle.com – Zazzle creates custom clothing and accessories and has created a special “Japanese Relief T-Shirt” where $10 of each purchase will go to Japanese Red Cross, according to the company’s blog.

Credit Cards – Put those purchases to good by using plastic to contribute donations. Visa, MasterCard and Discover have each announced that they will waive transaction fees, for a limited time, for making a donation to specific charities on their websites.

You can help too. Here are a few agencies that would appreciate your donations to help those in need in Japan.

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