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Glossary of Fashion Terms - Men's Fashion - About.com
Just in case you don't know what certain fashion terms mean, I have created a glossary of terms I'm sure you will find very helpful.
Fashionese: Must-have lingo for style mavens - About.com
Is your fashion lingo passe? Do you say things that are of the moment or sooo last century? Take a look at our snarky guide to the most overused fashion terms!
Fashion glossary -- definitions terms descriptions fashion dresses
Pictures and descriptions for fashion terms. Find fabric definitions, silhouette drawings and more.
Style basics - women's fashion rules - About.com
Fashion basics, glossaries of popular fashion terms, answers to frequently asked questions and fashion rules to get you looking your best.
Glossary for the Kids' Fashion Site - About.com
The Glossary is your resource for defitions of terms used on About.com's Kids' Fashion Page.
Plus-Size Fashion Terms Poll User Answer Quiz
Do you refer to yourself as plus-sized, fat, full-figured, curvy, or something else? I was thinking about that the other day, and there seems to be some very defined ...
English-German Clothing and Fashion Glossary - German Language
An English-German glossary of clothing and fashion terms - Modelexikon.
"Retro" Fashion and Style Definition - Vintage Clothing - About.com
Definition: The term retro refers to clothing, style, and design which is outdated. Generally to be considered retro, something must be between 20 and 25 years ...
Day in the Life of a Fashion Professional - About.com
Think the fashion biz is pure glamour? Get a firsthand look at different fashion professionals, including a fashion stylist, designer and editor to find out what ...
Style Basics - Fashion - About.com
Find out exactly what fashion is, where trends come from and how to ... Find photos and definitions for fashion terms, dress silhouettes, fabrics and more.
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